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The Lawyer European Awards 2022 | We’ve won The Best Innovative Technology Initiative award

2023 01 27 Www Baner The Lawyer

The Lawyer European Awards are a celebration of legal excellence, one of the most significant awards that a lawyer, law firm, project or initiative can receive. To merely be nominated is an honour, and this year our firm received three nominations, all in the categories which are the most prominent from our perspective: Managing Partner of the Year, The Best ESG Initiative and The Best Innovative Technology Initiative.

Too early to claim invalidity of WIBOR in loan agreements

Wibor En

The Polish media and consumer associations are ablaze at the news of Katowice Regional Court’s decision to secure a borrower’s claim and suspend the application of the WIBOR index when calculating subsequent mortgage loan instalments. As a result, until the borrower’s claim is filed and resolved, the interest rate on his loan will consist solely of the bank’s margin.

A difficult time for cryptocurrencies

MiCA Eng

The year 2022 will not be remembered fondly in the cryptocurrency market. There are several reasons for this. The progressive decline in the value of coins, the problems of the FTX exchange and the collapse of trust are all raising questions about the future of crypto. Can regulating the crypto-asset market be a panacea for the market’s ills?

Deadlock clauses in shareholders’ agreements

Deadlock En

Shareholders often disagree with each other on how their company should be managed and controlled, and the direction and strategy it is taking. Differing views may be beneficial to a business, but disagreement, potential deadlock and an inability to make important decisions can be severely damaging to the company (and, in the long run, to shareholders).

Contractual penalties and the correct completion of the European Single Procurement Document

Zamowienia Publiczne En

The Public Procurement Office has published a legal opinion outlining the rules for the correct completion of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) with regard to the grounds for exclusion from the procedure due to non-performance or improper performance of a contract. The Office stated that economic operators are not obliged to inform the contracting authority of every contractual penalty imposed on them in the past. So which penalties must be mentioned in the ESPD, and which may be omitted?

Troublesome withholding tax exemption | Tax Focus


The exemption from dividend withholding tax provided for in Article 22(4) of the CIT Act has repeatedly aroused controversy among taxpayers due to its inconsistent interpretation by tax authorities and administrative courts.

The II edition of Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital

Baner Www Do Filmików

Even more companies, even more potential investors and even more powerful, substantive talks about the plans, prospects and potential of Polish tech companies. We’ve just concluded an intensive second edition of the Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital – Recognizing ESG Impact – an event that’s now a regular fixture on the calendar of representatives of London investment banks and private equity and venture capital funds.

General meetings – in person or online

Walne Zdalne Eng

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed virtually every area of our lives, but not always for the worse. In a number of cases, changes have taken hold well enough to have already permanently altered our habits, practices and expectations.

Kochański & Partners on the international runway


We are dynamically and consistently developing our international potential and partner network, actively working wherever significant developments are taking place. And we are close to those sectors that will have the greatest impact on the global and European economies in the near future.

Invest and finance your investment in Poland and Ukraine


The coming years will be a time of revolutionary change in Poland’s infrastructure and energy sectors. Hand in hand with this, the reconstruction of Ukraine – one of the greatest financial challenges for Europe in the coming years – is also an opportunity for cooperation between Polish, Ukrainian and Spanish businesses.

New liability rules for artificial intelligence in the European Union


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the EU’s strategy for creating a digital single market. In this context, a number of EU legal documents have been emerging for several years, such as the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence of February 2020 or the European Parliament’s resolutions on ethical framework, civil liability and intellectual property rights for AI of October 2020.

Controversial amendment to the Commercial Companies Code


On 13 October 2022, the Act amending the Commercial Companies Code and certain other acts (the “Act”) entered into force. The following is a summary of the most significant changes and the effects they may have, including those which may turn out to be problematic for management boards of subsidiaries.

The roots of the current ESG revolution


As a new business and marketing trend, ESG is of growing interest to an increasing number of markets and market participants. More and more businesses are publishing their ESG strategies or striving to comply with ESG-specific assumptions, and with good reason. According to PwC’s 2021 U.S. survey, 83% of consumers indicated a preference for companies to implement ESG best practices, and 86% of employees prefer to work for companies that care about ESG values.

Artificial Intelligence is suing Google – is this a breakthrough in AI consciousness?


Recent weeks have certainly not been the easiest for Google’s management, lawyers and Public Relations department. During work on LaMDA technology (a chatbot supported by Google’s artificial intelligence-based solutions), engineer Blake Lemoine from Google’s Responsible AI department came to the conclusion that artificial intelligence is self-aware.

Cryptocurrencies continue to tempt investors

Www Parafraza Forbes Tax En

Although current cryptocurrency prices are not at their peak, especially compared to November 2021 when crypto reached its highest market value levels ever – almost USD 3 trillion – this market is still attractive to investors, evidenced by the number of cryptocurrency millionaires, which currently stands at almost 80,000.

Piotr Kochański’s business advisory vision

Www New Partners En

Kochański & Partners is a coherent, consistently and effectively built advisory business concept of Piotr Kochański – a lawyer, entrepreneur and manager, keeping a close eye on trends and having been fiercely promoting legal talents for nearly 37 years, since he started to gain experience in building law firms.

Practical Workshop | Whistleblowing System – Law & Technology


We’d like to invite you to a workshop addressing the legal aspects of whistleblowers and their protection, and where we will present an innovative solution which streamlines and automates the reporting process, whilst providing legal support in the field of labour law.

We are present at the Infoshare 2022 conference

Www Infoshare En

The Infoshare conference is the largest technology event in this part of Europe, attracting visionaries and engineers, as well as marketers, start-ups and investors. Infoshare seeks to build an active community focused on technology and innovation, which has been the driving force for dynamic business for years. The 15th anniversary edition will take place on 6-7 October at the AmberExpo hall in Gdansk.

Bill on employment of foreigners – it is to be easier and faster

Kochanski Prawo Pracy Work Permit

On 13 September, a bill on the employment of foreigners was published in the list of legislative work. The draft law is currently at the stage of interdepartmental consultations and is expected to enter into force later this year. The new law is essentially based on the existing fundamental principles regarding the employment of foreigners, though it introduces a number of new solutions.

Banks | We are on the verge of a breakthrough in online services

Www En

The metaverse is much more than technology. It is a symbiotic environment of new possibilities, experiences and dynamically changing IT systems that follow the needs and ideas of creators and users. At its core, the metaverse is about building a sense of mutual, seamless interpenetration between the real and virtual worlds.

Well-known brands prepare to enter the Metaverse

Kochanski Metaverse Brandy Ochrona Znakow Eng

What do brands such as Maserati, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Master Card and Volkswagen have in common? It is that their owners are filing trademark applications for goods and services to be protected in the Metaverse.

High penalties for polluting the environment

Kochanski Environment

Since the beginning of September, legislation significantly increasing penalties for environmental pollution has been in force. On 1 September 2022, after a relatively short 14-day vacatio legis, the Act Amending Certain Acts to Prevent Environmental Crime of 22 July 2022 (Journal of Laws, item 1726) entered into force.

Temporal nature of the sanction of loss of voting rights

Kochanski Corporate Law

The sanction for breach of the notification obligations referred to in Article 69(1)(1) of the Act on Public Offering, associated with a change in the total number of votes in a company held by shareholders acting in concert, as provided for in Article 87(1)(5) of the Act – is the loss of voting rights as regulated in Article 89(1)(1) (the “sanction”).

Tougher Penalties for Polluting the Environment

Kochanski Energy Flash Environmental Offences

As of the beginning of September, an amending act introducing more severe penalties for polluting the environment came into force. The acts amended thereby include the Criminal Code, the Misdemeanours Code and the Nature Protection Act.

We advised Klima Energy supporting the development of green energy

Www Mardas En

PLN 70 million was recently raised by SunRoof – a Polish-Swedish start-up, towards the development of decentralised energy and green energy infrastructure in countries including Poland, Germany, Sweden and Norway, with Klima Energy – a Spanish VC fund from the Alantra Group, as the leader of the investment round and our M&A team, led by Pawel Mardas, as legal advisor.

We are ready to change the world – step by step

Www Parasto En

Making the world a better place is the key to our vision for building a new future. Yet translating this ambitious idea into concrete action takes individuals with a variety of talents, skills and expertise, with diverse, not always strictly business experience, people with an open mind and the courage to challenge the status quo, who at the same time are passionate, determined and effective – people like Parasto Yari, a prominent Afghan lawyer, activist and defender of human rights.

Agata Dziwisz and Andrzej Malec ranked by ITR World Tax 2023 ranking

Kochanski Ranking ITR World Tax Eng

Agata Dziwisz has again been awarded the prestigious title of “Highly Regarded lawyer” in the Transactional tax area.  Andrzej Malec has also joined the ranks of the distinguished, having been recommended as a “Highly Regarded lawyer” in the General corporate tax category.

Slim VAT 3.0 | Tax Focus

Www En Tax Focus Slim Vat

Arrangements and consultations on the draft act amending the VAT Act and certain other acts, i.e. the so called SLIM VAT 3 (draft No. UC128), were scheduled to complete by 26 August. It is assumed that the draft act will enter into force on 1 January 2023, with one exception being changes to VAT sanctions, […]

IFLR1000 Ranking | Re—recommendation for Rafal Rapala and the M&A Practice

Www En Ifrl Ma

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a strategic area of our business. We have one of the leading teams in the market, and this position has again been confirmed by the recommendation of the latest section of this year’s newly published IFLR1000 ranking, which recognizes law firms specializing in this field.

SLAPP – a global legal problem that, if unchecked, could stifle freedom of expression

Kochanski Partners Slapp Eng

It’s no secret that since 2015, key constitutional values have been in crisis. History shows that the last bastion of freedom of speech, which guarantees these values, is the free press. However, over the past three years, there have been repeated legal actions by state institutions, state-owned companies, businessmen and other lobbying organizations aimed at stifling the work of journalists, publishers and NGOs.

Draft amendment to the Commercial Companies Code

Kochanski Partners Zmiany Ksh Eng

On 8 August, the latest draft amendment to the Commercial Companies Code was published. The bill implements Directive (EU) 2019/2121 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 amending Directive (EU) 2017/1132 as regards cross-border conversions, mergers and divisions.

Coal allowance – a new form of support

Kochanski Partners Dodatek Weglowy Coal

Although the heating season will only start in a few months’ time, there is already a lot of talk about it in many homes today. Uncertainty and fluctuations in the energy market are raising concerns about whether it will be possible to keep warm in the autumn and coming winter.

Implementation of the Directives concerning contracts for the supply of digital content and contracts for the sale of goods

69 Eng

On 29 June 2022, the draft new legislation was submitted to the Sejm with a view to implement Directive 2019/770 on certain aspects concerning contracts for the supply of digital content and services, and Directive 2019/771 on certain aspects concerning contracts for the sale of goods. It is likely that the changes will enter into force nearly one year after the deadlines set in the Directives, since the new legislation should have been implemented into the Polish legal regime by 1 July 2021 and should have applied from 1 January 2022.

Brexit | The current impact of the UK’s exit from the EU

Www En Brexit

Only a few years ago, Europe faced a major upheaval to the international economy with Brexit, i.e. the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. This event, like the war in Ukraine or the COVID-19 pandemic, has had significant consequences for the global economy, affecting the quality of our daily lives.

IFLR1000 RANKING | A subsequent recognition in the project development area

Kochanski Partners En Ifrl

The international IFLR1000 ranking has announced the results of another category in this year’s edition. We have been recognized for projects concerning renewable energy, environmental protection, low carbon innovation, regulated markets, energy and environmental disputes and natural resources.

Paweł Cholewiński heads up the Transactional Practices Group

Kochanski Cholewinski Transactional Practises

Paweł Cholewiński has been appointed Partner in charge of Kochanski & Partners Transactional Practices Group. Within the scope of his individual Partner responsibilities he will now be leading both the Sectorial Real Estate and Mergers & Acquisitions Practices.

The European Union at war with disinformation

Kochanski Kodeks Ue Fake News

Functioning in an information society generates a number of challenges that both economic operators and private citizens must face. The foundation of a healthy system relies on the ability to sift true information from false, which today is becoming increasingly difficult in an increasingly complex and technological world.

Over EUR 600 billion today – and the value of war loss in Ukraine is rising

Kochanski Malskyy Ukraine

According to analysts and economic experts, Ukraine could eventually suffer losses of up to EUR 1.3 trillion in 2014-2026. Assuming a favourable scenario under which the Russian Federation would pay war reparations, it will still not have sufficient financial capacity to cover even a greater part of this amount. Therefore, the priority for Ukraine should be strategic economic cooperation with European Union Member States.

Polish Deal 3.0 – transfer pricing | Tax Focus

Www En Tax Focus Ceny Transferowe

On 28 June 2022, a draft of further amendments to the Personal Income Tax Act and other acts – Polish Deal 3.0 – was published on the Government Legislation Centre website (draft No. UD404).

Polish Deal 3.0 | Tax Focus

Kochanski Tax Podatki Polski Lad 3 Polish Deal

On 28 June 2022, a draft of further amendments to the Personal Income Tax Act and other acts – Polish Deal 3.0 – was published via the Government Legislation Centre website (draft No. UD404).

We are a member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, with Dr Markiyan Malskyy chairing the IT Committee

Kochanski Polsko Ukrainska Izba Gospodarcza Markiyan Malskyy Eng

The IT Committee is a new initiative of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, and is chaired by Markiyan Malskyy – Head of our Ukrainian Desk. Markiyan has voiced his intent to make the Chamber a platform for cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian IT companies and associations, and in line with this we can expect a variety of meetings and industry events for members.

Rebuilding Ukraine | What to do today and after the war is over

Kochanski Markiyan Malskyy Ukralina Eng

For a new Ukraine, the reconstruction of housing and infrastructure are believed to be the main areas of development. 44.8 million sq.m. of residential property, 300 bridges and over 40 railway bridges are already lost or destroyed. 779 medical facilities and 1371 institutions of secondary and higher education, 690 kindergartens are destroyed or under occupation.

Investments planned in Poland 2022-2023 | Roads & Motorways, Railways, Energy

Kochanski Investments Public Procurement Roads Motorways Railways Energy

Every year, the Polish state allocates nearly EUR 45 billion for purchases via public procurement. The coming years will be a time of revolutionary change in Poland in terms of the infrastructure and energy sectors, and so we expect the Polish public sector to maintain and even increase its spending levels in the near future.

Dual Listing on the Warsaw and London Stock Exchanges

Kochanski Dual Listing Ipo Gpw Lse Eng

The need to raise capital remains fundamental for companies, and access to investors willing to provide businesses with the capital they need is crucial to their survival in rapidly changing markets, by providing opportunities for growth and expansion beyond the geography of local markets.

Landscape resolutions – a relief for the landscape vs. property rights

Kochanski Business Law Landscape Resolution

Although the number of landscape resolutions nationwide remains small, an increasing number of cities are deciding to draft and enact such resolutions. While, on the one hand, there is a vital need to regulate the advertising chaos in Poland, on the other hand, the interests of advertising-related service providers should not be neglected, thus, the requests of offices, hotels, shopping malls or arcades and other businesses should be taken into account while drafting new resolutions.

Tenders for Ukraine | Current status, rules of participation and prospects

Baner Www En

Rebuilding infrastructure and meeting the current needs of citizens are among the most important tasks facing Ukraine today. This requires not only funds, but above all effective planning and execution – which in practice amounts to tenders and procurement processes. More than 100 such tenders have been held in just the past few weeks.

Rebuilding Ukraine in practice – financing sources and investment perspectives

Www En

Nearly 24,000 kilometres of roads, end to end measuring ca. 60% of the Earth’s equator in length, hundreds of bridges, thousands of buildings and tens of thousands of cars – this is only a partial account of the destruction inflicted so far on Ukraine by Russian forces. But although the war in Ukraine has not stopped since 24 February 2022, the prospect of a post-war reality cannot be ignored, and so ways of rebuilding the country should be considered.

We have been recognised by the “Rzeczpospolita” Law Firm Ranking 2022

Kopia Www Banery(2)

21 June 2022, saw the 20th jubilee edition of the “Rzeczpospolita” Law Firm Ranking gala. This year, we have been distinguished for our “Support for struggling Ukraine”, and for our “Contribution to building the legal market in Poland – the 20th anniversary of the Rzeczpospolita Law Firm Ranking”.

Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital | Access to International Finance

Baner Www

In cooperation with the London Stock Exchange, we hosted a “Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital” Conference Meeting in London. We connected investment, private equity and venture capital funds and private investors with the best business opportunities, seeking to invest in Polish companies going global.

Hybrid event | Designing in a Digital World

Baner Www ENG   Konferencja UPRP   22 Czerwca 2022 R.   Łukasz Węgrzyn.

On 22 June 2022, the 15th International Conference on “Innovation and Creativity in the Economy” will be held, organised by the Polish Patent Office. The theme of this year’s event is “Designing in a Digital World”. On behalf of our team, Łukasz Węgrzyn, Partner and Head of Technology Practice, will take part, as an expert, in the discussion “Metaverse: a digital world of opportunities for designers and challenges for lawyers”.

Polish tech companies expanding globally

Baner Www

The companies spanned the fintech, medtech, robotics and software technology sectors, featuring the most exciting opportunities in each. They presented significant financing prospects, providing funds with the latest insights, data, and high level tech pitches.

WEBINAR | Tenders for Ukraine – current state, participation rules and perspectives

Baner Www En

Despite the continuing war, international organisations and the Ukraine administration are currently conducting a number of tenders to meet the immediate needs of Ukraine and Ukrainians and to rebuild the country’s infrastructure. Participation in these tenders is open to foreign contractors, including contractors from Poland.

Hybrid event | Doing business in Poland for Ukrainian firms

Doing Business In Poland

During our event we will discuss how Ukrainian business can enter the Polish market, and make the most of the welcoming business environment and diversify into new markets. There are plenty of options in Poland, which are readily suited to Ukrainian businesses.

A WIBOR Substitute – New Regulations Approaching

Kochanski Knf Wibor Eng

The incessant growth of WIBOR has become a huge problem for PLN borrowers, who are increasingly questioning the methodology for determining the value of this index. However, there is help in sight as the government is planning to assist, although the initial proposals were contrary to EU law.

Polish Deal 2.0 | Tax Focus

Www En

On 12 May 2022, the lower house of the Parliament (Sejm) adopted the Amendment to the Personal Income Tax Act and Certain Other Acts – the so-called Polish Deal 2.0 (print no. 2186). Below we present a summary of what we believe to be the most important tax solutions.

Economic consequences of the suspension of gas supplies under the Yamal contract

En Www

Natural gas as a ‘transition fuel’ for Europe on its path towards a zero-carbon economy was supposed to help gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, this environmentally-sound objective now needs a second look, particularly when gas market developments may affect the viability of new gas-fired generation projects, and when permanent impediments to gas availability may even prevent their uninterrupted and efficient operation.

PLN Borrowers are taking aim, and it’s WIBOR in the Crosshairs

Andrzej Palys O Kredytobiorcach Eng

Recently, rising inflation and increasing loan instalments have been one of the most frequently discussed topics. The latter concern more than 2.5 million people and the total value of loans as of the last quarter of 2021 was estimated at approximately PLN 500 billion.

European Union breaking the RES deadlock | Energy Flash


Building energy independence whilst moving towards a low-carbon economy and combating climate change – this is just one of the major challenges facing European politicians today. While energy prices in Europe are breaking new records, the diversification of supplies of low-emission fuels, such as natural gas, cannot be achieved overnight.

Can WIBOR be replaced by another benchmark in home mortgage agreements only?

Kochanski Wibor Eng

Due to rising interest rates and a significant increase in mortgage repayments, several ideas have recently emerged to support borrowers. In particular, according to a preliminary government proposal, in home mortgage loans (including existing ones) the WIBOR benchmark would be replaced with another benchmark, while WIBOR would continue to apply to other types of loan agreements. However, the legal feasibility of such a solution is worth exploring.

Hybrid event | (RE)BUILD (NEW) UKRAINE

Rebuild Ukraine

The (RE)BUILD (NEW) UKRAINE event will be taking place on May 25th 2022 between 8.30-11.30.
Rebuilding Ukraine is no longer just an unspecific plan, but a concrete reality. From the very beginning, we have been actively supporting Ukrainian nationals and businesses towards the rapid rebuilding of Ukraine both now and after the war is over.

Hybrid event: Influencer marketing – a legal framework

Influencer Marketing Eng

In recent years, influencer marketing has become increasingly popular and an increasing number of companies and brands now use this form of promotion. On May 19, 2022 we invite you to join our free of charge event during which, Krzysztof Zięba will discuss the legal framework of influencer marketing.

Webinar: Certified License Manager


On 16th-18th May 2022, we invite you to attend the “Certified License Manager” webinar organised by Certified Global Education (CGE). Kochański & Partners is scheduled to speak on 18th May, 14:00-16:00, and will be represented by Jakub Krysa, PhD, Partner and Head of the Public Procurement Practice.

Liability of the Russian Federation for its aggression in Ukraine and the potential consequences of the war for Polish business

Marek Jezewski Magdalena Papiernik Konig Forbes Eng

The Russian aggression in Ukraine has many people enquiring about the possibility of holding the Russian Federation accountable for the acts it has committed in the territory of Poland’s eastern neighbour. Yet, at this stage, what should be considered is not only the actual accountability, but also the ontological fact of the existence of liability, which is an inherent condition for the existence of law.

We are highly ranked by The Legal 500 2022 ranking

Emea Eng

This year edition of The Legal 500 EMEA international ranking recognizes 11 our practice areas and 25 lawyers –many of them being ranked in the top tier or simultaneously in various fields of law.

Markiyan Malskyy – New Partner and Head of Ukrainian Desk

Markiyan Malskyy Nowy Partner Kochanski Kancelaria Eng

Russia is waging a barbaric war in Ukraine. We are in admiration of the courage of the authorities and the Ukrainian soldiers, and watch with attention and respect the efforts that have already begun to rebuild the country and the cities and businesses that have been destroyed. As a sign of our new strategy and solidarity with Ukraine, we have decided to establish a Ukrainian Practice (Ukrainian Desk).

We are ranked by IP STARS

Ip Stars Eng

For the consecutive year we have been recognised by the international IP Stars ranking in the field of trade mark contentious.

WEBINAR | Dual Listing on the London Stock Exchange

Webinar Dual Listing Lse Eng

The need to raise capital remains fundamental for companies, and access to investors willing to provide businesses with the capital they need is crucial to their survival in rapidly changing markets, by providing opportunities for growth and expansion beyond the geography of local markets.

Q&A | public procurement – support for Ukraine and Ukrainians

Q&A Wsparcie Dla Ukrainy Eng

Can Contracting Authorities subject to the Act of 11 September 2019 – Public Procurement Law (“PPL”) award contracts for the purpose of assisting Ukrainian nationals without the application of this act? What categories of Contracting Authorities and which contracts related to assistance for Ukrainian citizens are exempted from the PPL under the Special Law? Do Contracting Authorities need to comply with any additional formalities in connection with the award of public contracts exempted from the application of the PPL on the basis of the Special Law? Alert authored by Jakub Krysa.

Significant Changes to European AML/CFT Regulations on the Horizon

Odporny Bank Eng

Not so long ago, i.e. last year, certain solutions were introduced in Poland via the implementation of the fifth AML Directive, and we are still adjusting to these changes. Nevertheless, another EU package of regulations is in the pipeline, introducing fundamental changes to the regulatory framework of the European AML/CFT system.

Our lawyers speakers at the Paris Arbitration Week

Magda Papiernik Konig Paris Arbitration Week Eng

This year edition of the Paris Arbitration Week is starting on 28 March 2022. It is a yearly week of events aimed at connecting, whether in person or virtually, the worldwide community of arbitration practitioners.

Our lawyers ranked by Chambers Europe 2022

Chambers Europe 2022

This year edition of the prestigious legal ranking Chambers Europe distinguishes our Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Marek Jeżewski, PhD in the field of Dispute Resolution: Arbitration, and our Partner, Head of Technology Łukasz Węgrzyn in the field of TMT (Technology, Media, Telecommunications).

Promotions at Kochański & Partners

Promocja Partnerska Kochanski Eng

Following our continuing dynamic growth, and in response to the talent, experience and hard work of our Team, we are delighted to announce the promotion of 12 of our Colleagues, including 10 lawyers. Aleksandra Ryżkowska, Head of International Practice Development and Head of the Chinese Business Desk, has been appointed as Partner. Weronika Duda from […]

Meet us at MIPIM

Kochanski Real Estate Event

There are only a few days left to MIPIM, the world’s leading real estate event taking place between 15 and 18 March 2022 in Cannes, France. Kochański & Partners will be there as well, represented by Paweł Cholewiński and Aleksandra Ryżkowska.

Recognition in the Media Law International 2022 ranking

Kochanski Ranking Media Law International Eng

The results of the Media Law International 2022 ranking have just been published. We are delighted to announce that Kochański & Partners have once again been included among the recommended law firms, reaching a high position in Tier 3.

Conference: Cryptocurrency World Expo 2022

Kochanski Cryptocurrency World Expo Eng

On March 9-10, we invite you to join the fifth edition of Cryptocurrency World Expo, the annual event for today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency community. Kochański & Partners law firm, as a partner of the conference, will be represented by Łukasz Węgrzyn, Partner and Head of Technology Practice.

Dr Marek Jeżewski again recognised in Chambers Global 2022 ranking

Kochanski Jezewski Chambers Global 2022 Eng

The results of the latest edition of the Chambers Global ranking have just been published. We are delighted to announce that Dr Marek Jeżewski, Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution at Kochański & Partners has once again been recognised, listed in the Up and Coming band in Dispute Resolution: Arbitration.

Publication of the PolishCloud 2.0 Standard

Kochanski Polish Cloud Standard Eng

The Polish Bank Association has just published the PolishCloud 2.0 Standard, i.e. a standard for the implementation of public and hybrid cloud computing services. This is the most recent and comprehensive set of practices and solutions guiding banks smoothly through the cloud migration process, with the highest security standards applied.