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Due to concerns arising from the recent outbreak of coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2), Kochański & Partners law firm has established a dedicated response team, available for consultation 24 hours a day.

As a result of the rapid spread of the virus, companies will face challenges in numerous areas. On the one hand, employers should consider taking action for the protection of their employees. On the other, business relationships may be affected due to factors including disruptions in the global supply chain.

Our lawyers will provide you with legal support in all aspects of your economic activity that are or may be affected by the outbreak.

In particular, we provide legal support in the following areas:

  • trade contracts,
  • business relationships,
  • employment matters,
  • cooperation with authorities,
  • possible ‘worse case’ scenarios and legal consequences.

We encourage you to familiarise yourselves with our experts’ publications.

Information, legislation, advice on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Publications related to COVID-19

Remote work order also possible following September 4th

Regulations on remote work performed on request of the employer in connection with COVID-19 have recently been amended, and take effect from September 5th this year. On August 20th this year, an amendment to the so-called Special Coronavirus Act[1] of March 2nd, 2020...

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The Polish Labour Market Beyond Covid-19

The Polish labour market as it was in January 2020 and the one that exists six months later are two different worlds. This year began with an unemployment rate of 5.5%. The shortage of employees was one of the biggest challenges of the Polish labour market in 2020....

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Financial Shield: Aid to Large Enterprises

As part of the support programme for businesses to counteract the consequences of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Poland, implemented by Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A. (Polish Development Fund, PFR), large enterprises may apply for financial support offered under the...

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Poland | New anti-crisis package

Poland | New anti-crisis package - M&A screening procedures ultimately lifted for investors from OECD including the US, Canadians, Japanese and Koreans Introduction Investors from the United States, Canada, Israel, Japan or South Korea can breathe a sign of a...

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Situation of foreigners in Poland in view of COVID-19

The situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected the status of foreigners remaining in Poland, and in particular the legality of their residence and employment. This is particularly important for those whose documents legalising work and...

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Energy Law – New Deadlines in the Era of COVID-19

Due to the state of epidemic, Shield 2.0* has extended the deadlines for entities operating in the energy sector. The new deadlines are presented below: New deadline The validity of licensing decisions that expire during the state of epidemic threat or state of...

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Return to a new “normality” at work

Due to the SARC-CoV-2 pandemic, measures to prevent the spread of the disease have been implemented in Poland. Regardless of whether the hazard takes a chronic form or whether it is possible to quickly eliminate the pathogen from public spaces, the time to return to...

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Anti-crisis shield from employers’ perspective

The Act Amending the Act on Special Measures for the Prevention, Control and Management of COVID-19, Other Infectious Diseases and the Resulting Crisis Situations, and Certain Other Acts, dated 31 March 2020 (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 568) and the Act on Special...

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“Bankruptcy holiday” may be coming soon

As we mentioned in our previous article on restructuring and bankruptcy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the current special circumstances do not generally affect the absolute time limits and conditions for declaration of bankruptcy in case of insolvency. The...

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Easing of mobile phone mast construction

Amendments to Construction Law and Environmental Protection Law under the Anti-Crisis Shield   The Act on Special Support Instruments in Connection with the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 Virus, adopted by the Sejm on April 9, 2020, introduces substantial amendments to...

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Maintaining financial flow in terms of tax liabilities

On 31 March 2020, the Sejm adopted the so-called "Anti-Crisis Shield“ Act together with secondary legislation. Unfortunately, the Shield provisions regarding tax deferrals and other obligations arising from tax law are rather limited. In this difficult period, these...

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Economic downtime or reduced working time

Salary subsidies for employees affected by economic downtime or reduced working time.   Kochański & Partners, on behalf of its Clients, have already successfully submitted the first applications for salary subsidies under the so-called "Anti-Crisis Shield"....

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Anti-crisis shield and the real estate sector

On 1 April 2020, the Act Amending the Act on Special Measures for the Prevention, Control and Management of COVID‑19, Other Infectious Diseases and the Resulting Crisis Situations, and Certain Other Acts – the so-called “Anti-Crisis Shield”, entered into force. From...

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Draft shield package for companies – tax issues

On behalf of the Kochański & Partners tax advisory team, we would like to update you on the provisional draft "Shield Package for Companies" being developed in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Below please find a summary of main assumptions of the...

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Banking Law | Loans | Bank Guarantee Fund

The global situation related to the spread of COVID-19 is also having a significant impact on the banking sector. Banks, in cooperation with other institutions, are taking urgent measures to maintain financial stability and support their customers. The current...

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Anti-crisis shield – salary subsidy scheme

Current as of 23 March 2020 (draft Amendment to the Act on Special Arrangements for the Prevention, Control and Management of COVID‑19, Other Infectious Diseases and the Resulting Emergencies, and Certain Other Acts, the “Bill”) Consultations are ongoing on draft new...

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Ongoing legal actions in the absence of key personnel

Ongoing legal actions in the absence of key personnel (quarantine, isolation, sanitary cordons, etc.)   Ensuring business continuity and leadership succession in companies and enterprises, e.g.: granting or revoking commercial proxies and other powers of attorney...

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Banking activities vs. Coronavirus

Basic information about forms of legal transactions Form of contract In accordance with Article 76 of the Civil Code, where the parties have stipulated in a contract that a specific transaction is to be made in a specific form, the transaction will only be effective...

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Employee Travel and COVID-19

In recent days, many employers are taking steps to minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the workplace. To this end, employers are, among others, collecting information on employees’ trips abroad, cancelling foreign business trips and introducing recommendations...

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Bankruptcy law and restructuring in view of COVID-19

The current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on business. For many, COVID-19 will be a direct cause that has already led, or may lead in the near future, to a breach of liquidity and the loss of ability to settle current liabilities....

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Coronavirus and the Retail Real Property sector

In response to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections in Poland, the government is undertaking the necessary measures to minimise the risk of further spread of the epidemic. In line with this, the Minister of Health has issued a regulation, which came into...

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Employer vs. Coronavirus

The increase in the risk of coronavirus infection (SARS-CoV-2) in Poland means that employers should consider taking measures to protect their employees' health. What are the obligations and powers of employers in relation to the risk of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)...

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Coronavirus and global economic growth

“Coronavirus will affect the global economy,” stated the International Monetary Fund on February 27, 2020, with negative effects being particularly experienced by global supply chain operators. The impact of coronavirus on global economies results from its rapid...

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