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Intellectual & Industrial Property

Intellectual and industrial property rights are the key element in enabling the capitalization of intangible assets in an enterprise. At the same time, due to the development of new technologies, creating an optimal strategy for the protection of these rights requires dedicated legal services based on substantive knowledge and openness to innovative solutions and business needs. Kochanski & Partners team has extensive experience in assisting inter alia publishers, television and radio stations, advertising agencies, record companies, producers and film distributors, as well as companies from the FMCG, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. We advise clients on the effective commercialization of intangible goods, as well as representing clients in disputes relating to exclusive rights, personal rights and the protection of freedom of speech. Our team of trademark and patent attorneys and lawyers offers a full-scope service of industrial property rights management using pioneering dedicated software that allows 24/7, remote, secure access to the case files.


Industrial Property Protection

Industrial property disputes often have complex scientific and technical questions at their core. Our trademark and patent attorneys, advocates and legal counselors are well experienced in the legal aspects of IP protection.

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Technology Transfer

Effective IP management is the ability to successfully commercialize inventions, market trademarked products, license know-how and conclude franchising or joint ventures.

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Patent Prosecution and Protection

Kochanski & Partners patent attorneys have both the legal and technical experience together with the knowledge necessary to advise within the scope of patents administration and protection. We provide services related to obtaining patent protection, we advise in matters of patent infringements and defend against alleged infringements.

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Trademark Prosecution and Protection

Kochanski & Partners provides our clients with comprehensive advice and services relating to all aspects of trademarks. Our trademark attorneys undertake clearance searching and provide advice on the registrability of trademarks and registration strategy. We handle prosecutions, oppositions and registry actions within national and international authorities and courts.

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Design Prosecution and Protection

Many consumer goods such as jewelry, toys, furniture, household appliances or high-tech products, are characterized by their innovative design. Recognizing the importance of effective protection of the aesthetic features of products, Kochanski & Partners assists our clients with preparation, filing and enforcement of designs.


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Copyright & Related Practices

Copyright is central to the exploitation of intellectual capital in technology based companies. Recognition and enforcement of copyrights is fundamental to developing and maintaining assets upon which a company trades.

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Privacy & Personal Data Protection

Most business projects require professional advice in the crucial area of privacy and personal data protection. We advise not only on creation, registration and data collection management, but also while monitoring current market trends and legislative projects, we take into account the significance of privacy and data issues for innovative business at the preparatory stage for a given project in accordance with the concept of privacy by design.

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IP-Asset-Based Financial Engineering

IP rights not only serve to protect but ˮonce activated” may also positively enhance the financial standing of a company. Thus, we help clients create optimal tax efficient structures in order to maximize the value of their registered IP rights.

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The sale of counterfeit goods has grown substantially in recent years and in all industries worldwide. Kochanski & Partners has extensive experience in handling all types of actions in respect of counterfeit and pirated goods. We represent domestic as well as international companies in this area, including comprehensive services in the area of customs matters.

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Domain Name Protection and Counseling

With the prevalence of the internet as a medium of commerce, the protection, registration and assignment of domain names has become an important component of an effective IP management and enforcement strategy. Our Kochanski & Partners team assists our clients with protecting their brands online as well as developing domain name protection.

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IP Portfolio Management Software – IP SCOUT®

IP SCOUT® is one of the modules of IRAAPORT®, our company’s innovative and original technological solution on the Polish market.

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Tata Global Beverages (Tetley)

Representation of Tata Global Beverages (Tetley) in a dispute regarding trademark infringement and acts of unfair competition.

Pamapol S.A. (manufacturer of ready-made meals)

Complex legal advice on the protection of trademarks and designs in the UK and other countries (monitoring the process of registration of trademarks and designs with foreign patent offices). Representation in disputes involving the infringement of industrial property rights and unfair competition. Day-to-day legal advice on the names for products, the optimal method of obtaining protection for trademarks and designs for each category and the construction of a secure portfolio of trademarks and designs. Preparing an analysis of the registrability of graphic and verbal signs.

Pandora CEE Jewelry

Full scope assistance in IP matters including trademarks, patent, copyrights and combating unfair competition.

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Piotr Kochański

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Latest news

18 Dec 2020

Implication of Brexit on intellectual property rights

2020 12 18_Brexit – Co Dalej Z Ochroną Znaków Towarowych_KZ_PM_EN
EU IP law will continue to apply in the UK until the end of the transition period on 31st December 2020. From 1st January 2021, the intellectual property landscape across the EU and UK will look very different. The primary change is that harmonised IP rights currently covering the entire EU, including the UK, will […]
27 Jul 2020

Kochański & Partners’ Litigation Success Before the Supreme Court – Royalties

Co-authors of films accompanying newspapers are entitled to additional royalties,  however only on copies actually sold, and not on the entire published run. Moreover, the amount of royalties may not be arbitrarily imposed by copyright collecting societies. This is the conclusion stemming from a judgment of the Supreme Court, which endorsed the arguments of Kochański […]

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