Q&A – tax exemptions, reliefs and preferences – support for Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens

24 March 2022 | Knowledge, News

What tax preferences are available to persons providing support to Ukrainian citizens?

Will benefits granted for providing accommodation and board to Ukrainian citizens constitute PIT- or CIT-taxable revenue?

Can business owners classify expenses on humanitarian aid as tax deductible?

We answer the most frequently asked questions on tax exemptions, reliefs and preferences related to support provided to Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens entering the territory of Poland.

Our concise Q&A guide will be crucial to both individuals providing support independently or under organised aid schemes and business owners holding or participating in aid campaigns by offering goods or services free of charge.

We encourage you to read the full alert authored by Agata Dziwisz, Partner, and Head of the Tax Practice at Kochański & Partners. Should you have any questions on this or any other matters, please contact us directly.

Download the alert here.

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