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14 June 2022 | Knowledge, News

The world of crypto is continuously growing. Governments and regulators across the globe are focusing more attention on the crypto industry, often establishing individual frameworks for crypto asset trading.

That’s why Simmons & Simmons LLP developed Crypto Reviewer, and in partnership with them we worked on the Polish jurisdiction.

The Crypto Reviewer is a 24/7 online platform currently covering over 25 jurisdictions, combining best-in-class content to provide up-to-date and key information on the legal and regulatory environment for numerous types of crypto tokens.

Through the platform you can compare laws and regulations across different countries, see a country’s status through our RAG rating system, explore country by country analyses through our intuitive search filters, stay up to date with new developments in the world of crypto and even download your analysis to save for later use.

  • Issues the Crypto Reviewer addresses include:
  • The legal status of different cryptoassets
  • Types of services related to the issuance or trading of different cryptoassets requiring permits or licenses
  • Registration requirements under AML provisions in relation to Cryptoassets
  • Investment funds and cryptoassets
  • Cryptoassets as the subject of loans or collateral

The cryptoassets market in Poland is largely unregulated, but this does not mean that it operates outside of the law. At the same time, the industry is growing rapidly worldwide, so defining the right legal framework for the issuance and trading of cryptoassets is of fundamental importance for effective business and investment in this sector. Crypto Reviewer makes it easy and intuitive to understand the legal twists and turns of the crypto market.

Simmons & Simmons is an international law firm specialising in highly regulated and complex sectors, including the cryptoassets sector.

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