Kochański & Partners on the international runway

Almost 17,000 km, 5 days, 26 meetings and 12 side events. And more than 250 new contacts with representatives of top law firms from all over the world. We are dynamically and consistently developing our international potential and partner network, actively working wherever significant developments are taking place. And we are close to those sectors that will have the greatest impact on the global and European economies in the near future.

International business development

The COVID19 pandemic has greatly reduced opportunities for face-to-face meetings, which are so crucial from a business perspective – for building and maintaining relationships, networking and creating new ideas and concepts together.

So the IBA conference was one of the first opportunities to meet in person with partners we haven’t seen since the outbreak of the pandemic, but with whom we work intensively on numerous cross-border projects.

My role as Head of International Practice Development and the Chinese Business Desk, was considerably limited during the pandemic. I finally had the opportunity to meet with our partners from all over the world and renew our ties,” said Aleksandra Ryżkowska upon her return.

In addition, we were able to make a number of new contacts with law firms that in the future can partner with us in cross-border projects.

International market transactions, real estate market, M&A

The global, but also European and Polish economies, are undoubtedly facing difficult years – analysts are predicting a slowdown or even recession and there is a lot of uncertainty and nervousness, which can be detrimental for business.

Therefore, the role of legal and advisory firms is to protect the capital and potential developed by companies. And in addition, to actively seek opportunities to invest and engage clients in ventures that not only ensure growth, but involve matters such as energy transformation, expansion into new markets or industries, and investments in technology and know-how.

This is one of the reasons Paweł Cholewiński, Head of Transactional Practices Group/Real Estate, M&A, attended the conference.

Attending this conference is a must for any law firm with any international presence. 5,000 lawyers in one place and many seminars and discussions enable you to understand market trends and economic changes from a broader perspective than simply within our local backyard,” emphasised Paweł Cholewiński.

Reconstruction of Ukraine – one of the biggest financial challenges for Europe

In Poland, we are one of the main ambassadors of actions aimed at the rapid and effective reconstruction of Ukraine. We are actively supporting businesses, effectively creating international and cross-sectoral consortia, generating opportunities for the exchange of practical experience, and identifying funding opportunities. This is how we broadly understand our role as a committed legal and advisory firm.

Markiyan Malskyy, Partner, Head of the Ukrainian Desk, during his panel discussion, talked about the appropriate role for law firms and lawyers in today’s complex world, current trends and what the future may bring. And he listened closely to what others had to say.

“This year’s conference was a great success in every respect. Many lawyers were able to share their expectations and concerns about the coming challenges in business, such as the possible recession and further consequences of the war. I believe it is of great value to be able to hear what the best lawyers in the world have to say,” said Markiyan Malskyy.

International Bar Association (IBA)

To drive the growth of our clients, to serve them at the cross point of investment, technology, advisory and partnership, we must be present wherever new, important and interesting events are unfolding.

We must take an active part in the international legal community, and get involved in initiatives and committees generating the most interesting projects, fostering close relationships and stimulating growth on multiple levels, and not only in a strictly professional sense.

As such, following this year’s conference, we have joined the structures of the five most important, and most active committees from our perspective, i.e. the Young Lawyers’ Committee, the Arbitration Committee, the Women’s Committee, the Real Estate Committee and the Law Firm Management Committee.

Watch this space for more operational details of our membership!

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Aleksandra Ryżkowska LL.M.

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Paweł Cholewiński

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Markiyan Malskyy, PhD hab

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