Kochanski Law Firm Sopot Arabian Horse Show

We are a partner of the 3rd SOPOT Arabian Horse Show

Arabian horses – one of the finest hot-blooded horse breeds – are the quintessence of beauty and the pride of their breeder. Known for their stamina, intelligence and high sensitiveness, they are not only successful at racing, but also win top honours at shows and championships where beauty and movement efficiency are judged.

Arabian horse lovers will have the opportunity to admire this breed during the 3rd edition of the SOPOT Arabian Horse Show to be held on 23-24 July 2022 at the historic Hippodrome in Sopot.

The contest will be a Breeders’ Show, meaning that the panel of judges affiliated by the European Conference of Arab Horse Organisations (ECAHO) will also include breeders and stud managers. This year, around 100 horses are taking part in the show.

We have become a SOPOT Arabian Horse Show partner for the second year in a row, which would not be possible without the great passion of Piotr Kochański, our Managing Partner, but also a horse lover, breeder and trainer, and owner of STS LovEnPeas Arabians.

At STS LovEnPeas Arabians, the underlying idea and motivation for breeding Arabians is that these horses, if treated well, with respect and tenderness, can help the modern man maintain or regain contact with their emotions, bringing their cognitive, adaptive and creative abilities to a higher level” – says Piotr Kochański.

As a firm, we are consistently building and promoting the idea of sustainable business. We respect the rights of animals and give them care and love, that is why we value people who are passionate about spending time with horses – getting to know them, gaining their trust and bonding with them. We promote the Arabian horse breeding tradition and values, and foster activities that help achieve these goals. All this makes the SOPOT Arabian Horse Show so important and valuable to us.

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