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Making the contracting of IT service providers more cost-effective, time-efficient and targeted.

Recent months have demonstrated technology to be a solid and important foundation of business. The experience of many of our clients also shows that a rapid and targeted selection of IT service providers is becoming crucial for the gaining of a competitive edge, and sometimes even for survival in today’s tough business environment.

Many implementations we have advised on show that preparing an agile project implementation contract is not however sufficient to ensure a fast-track implementation.

Prior to contracting, it is also essential to:

  • Promptly collect information on business needs within your organisation,
  • Communicate information on your organisation to the service provider,
  • Bring the IT service provider into a project at the earliest possible stage,
  • Adopt appropriate selection criteria for service providers implementing agile projects,
  • Ensure appropriate incentives for service providers to boost their performance,
  • arry out the process in a way that is safe for your organisation.

As a law firm, we help organisations make selecting IT service providers more:

  • Cost-effective;
  • Time-efficient;
  • Targetted

Our assistance covers:

  • drawing up documents enabling the selection of service providers in agile models;
  • assisting organisations in changing the selection process for service providers in agile models.

We support our clients:

  • via training on how to redesign purchasing models in an effective and non-invasive way;
    in pilot projects (at the stage of selecting the IT service provider);
    under digital transformation programmes.

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