Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital – Recognizing ESG Impact

Date: 17 November

Time: 2:00 pm-6:00 pm

Place: On-Site Event

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17 November | 2:00 pm-6:00 pm | On-Site Event | 2nd Edition | The London Stock Exchange

In Poland, an increasing number of technology companies are venturing more boldly and confidently into international markets, achieving significant success. The vast majority have ambitious growth plans and precisely calculated performance indicators.

They attract and delight customers, develop innovative services and products, are creative, competitive, win awards and are conquering the world.

However, in the long term, the success of these ventures will also depend on financial factors.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) – think big, but don’t lose sight of the small details

A whole new reality is emerging before our eyes. There are issues in the collective consciousness that we are beginning to perceive and understand better and better, such as the need to protect the environment and to use and process resources wisely, sustainability understood as partnerships with local communities and concern for employees and suppliers, and sensible, fair and forward-looking management.

The desire to change the world for the better

This is already a megatrend today, not only among young consumers who are prepared to pay a little more to support a brand’s actions on ideological or social issues, but also among those setting up technology start-ups or companies.

Companies and their managers are aware of the need to look beyond purely economic perspectives and strive to align business strategy with social, environmental and governance issues in the most sustainable way possible, as tangible solutions in these areas produce significant benefits for those companies involved, such as:

  • Products and services that attract customers, build their trust and establish brand loyalty,
  • Reduced consumption of water, energy and resources translating into cost reductions,
  • Improved employee performance and engagement.

Those who manage to permanently integrate ESG considerations into every part of their organisation have the potential to create true unicorns.

Global capital for top Polish companies and technologies

Our role as lawyers and advisors is to support the development of dynamic tech companies looking to expand internationally and build their position in global markets. Businesses are more aware success now comes from a variety of areas, which presents them with a daunting challenge– how to make ESG strategies go beyond boardrooms and become embedded into every part of the organization? Only with such an approach do companies stand a chance of getting the attention of the world, customers, consumers, employees and investors.

We are the business partner of companies creating strong and recognisable brands, drawing the attention of a wider public

Having the know-how and contacts that are among the hardest currencies in business, we are experts at sourcing international funding, helping attract investors to drive further dynamic growth of Polish tech tycoons. Consequently, we know that the funds allocated to ESG investments are and will be huge, regardless of the current global economic conditions.

ESG – the kind of investment the world expects today, and the kind of investment it will get

Together with the London Stock Exchange, we are organizing  the second edition of our joint event introducing top, dynamically developing Polish projects to foreign PE/VC funds and LSE representatives.

Today, following the current trends in the business world we are focusing on environmental, social and governance issues, addressing the event to those companies for which these areas are important.

Would you like to register or find out more? Drop us a line >> digital@kochanski.pl

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