New biomethane law

The European Union has set ambitious biomethane production targets. By 2030, biomethane production in the EU is expected to reach 35 bcm, equivalent to ca. 15% of the EU’s gas demand.

Action against ChatGPT – first lawsuits involving the famous chatbot

Spory Technologie Eng
The Polish Copyright and Related Rights Act currently appears to be insufficiently adapted to provide adequate protection for creators whose works are used to train artificial intelligence, and is limited to considering a work solely as a manifestation of human activity.

Tax Relief for New Technology and Innovation

Tax Focus Technologie Eng
If you are considering using a particular relief, it is worth doing a thorough analysis of the tax legislation and checking whether you are actually entitled to it.

Transfer pricing: last call

Tax Focus Ceny Eng
This year, the Ministry of Finance has decided not to extend the deadlines for fulfilling transfer pricing obligations. This means that the deadlines resulting directly from income tax acts will apply.