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European Law & European Economic Regulations

At present, European law regulates almost every aspect of the business/sector of the economy. The key to success is to understand and to become familiar with EU regulations.

Business needs a quick response, a straight path, and a guide, such as our team, to ensure that Clients actions comply with European regulations, but also to demonstrate how these regulations can be effectively used to create opportunities for business growth and to boost its competitiveness in the market or how to enforce one’s rights under European regulations.

Our Team has extensive experience in matters that require comprehensive and practical knowledge of procedures before the EU and national regulatory authorities as well as the Court of Justice of the European Union Court or the General Court. This experience gained in European institutions, among others, is very useful for Polish businesses in their relationships with the European Union authorities and allows us to professionally represent Clients before these authorities.

Our Practice

  • Legal advice on the application of European law, including interpretation, implementation, as well as monitoring of legislative work;
  • Representation, contact management and advice in cases before national and EU regulatory authorities at all stages as well as proceedings before EU courts and authorities, including the European Commission, Court of Justice of the European Union, General Court and the European Court of Human Rights;
  • Advice on regulatory matters and innovative projects, including development of business strategies in the light of regulatory and notification requirements;
  • Legal advice on EU co-funded projects, M&A projects, public aid matters.

Our services

  • Support to entrepreneurs in their EU law-regulated business;
  • Representation in disputes before European courts;
  • Representation of clients in all EU institutions in matters related to EU regulations, including in particular:
    • Discrimination of entrepreneurs on the EU market;
    • Obtaining public aid or challenging unlawful aid granted to competition;
    • Limitation of the right to provide services on the EU market
    • Legal advice on the European law of regulated markets (in particular energy, oil and gas, telecommunications, railway);
  • Advice to and representation of Clients before national and European authorities in connection with rights enforced under EU law.

Leading gas market operator in Poland

Assistance in proceedings before the European Commission and the Court of Justice in Luxembourg on a regulation significantly affecting the market.

Assistance to Clients in procedures related to public aid notification

Obtaining a number of positive notification decisions for a total amounting to several hundred million EUR.

Transport sector

Complex legal advice to the major Polish company in all aspects of EU regulation and competition.

Our Leaders

Wojciech Wrochna, LL.M.

Wojciech Wrochna, LL.M.


Head of Practice

phone +48 22 326 9600
mobile +48 734 189 743

Marek Jeżewski, PhD

Marek Jeżewski, PhD


phone +48 22 326 9600
mobile +48 795 548 314

Michał Będkowski-Kozioł, PhD

Michał Będkowski-Kozioł, PhD


phone +48 22 326 9600
mobile +48 883 323 477

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Wojciech Wrochna, LL.M, Partner, Head of Energy, Natural Resources & Chemicals, joined the #RatujBiznes campaign run by the Commissioner for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. This is an information and organizational initiative assisting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises suffering as a result of the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the campaign, […]
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