Staying the course in a dynamic reality

Making the world a better place is the key to our vision for the future.

The constant progress and technological revolution we are witnessing is changing our lives, presenting us with new perspectives and challenges.

Aware of these processes, we are constantly adapting to changing market needs and leveraging their potential to gain a competitive edge.

We want to be a role model for businesses and for the environment in which we live and whose resources we use.

We want to be a driver and facilitator of positive change.

We see climate change as the most pressing issue of our time, and so we have adopted and are implementing the Sustainable Business Policy (ESG) Policy.
We commit to base all our strategic activities on the principles of responsible and sustainable development.


Discover the 5 pillars of our ESG approach

Reducing adverse environmental impact
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emission
  • Reducing power and water consumption
  • Reducing waste generation and recycling
  • Adopting circular economy principles
Promoting pro-environmental and pro-social ideas
  • Participating in events that promote pro-environmental and pro-social ideas
  • Raising awareness of ESG issues among clients, business partners and service providers
  • Internal knowledge sharing and team training
Increasing the inclusivity and welfare of our Team
  • Supporting employees and associates with children and other dependants
  • Enabling remote working and service delivery
  • Enabling and supporting the continuous development of employees and associates
  • Encouraging the participation of women in management structures
  • Developing employee benefits
Supporting our firm’s important causes in the immediate environment and community
  • Pro bono work and employee volunteering
  • Helping Ukrainian refugees and contributing to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine
  • Providing financial support to talented young people from impoverished families
  • Supporting animal welfare
  • Organising emergency relief collections
Corporate governance and ethics in daily work
  • Counteracting discrimination and harassment
  • Protecting information security
  • Using accessible, non-exclusive language in public communication
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with external organisations to support the achievement of goals

Our support for Ukraine

Since Poland is not only a neighbour and friend of Ukraine, but also a major business partner, it is natural that a focal point of this long-term support and post-war reconstruction planning is located here.

And this is also where the loudest debate about key needs, strategic directions, the most pressing problems and possible solutions is taking place.

As a law firm, we have been committed from the very beginning to helping Ukraine, and therefore are an active initiator, facilitator and partner of the debate.

We express our solidarity with the struggling Ukraine, which today is defending its freedom and independence, but also resisting those who threaten democracy and seek to destroy our common European values.


See how we support Ukrainians and Ukraine in practice


We are committed to applying and promoting the principles of corporate social responsibility in all areas of our business.

We believe that the success of the sustainability of our planet and its preservation for future generations is the sum of individual actions and a collective approach to climate and environmental challenges. We recognise the need for change and are making an effort towards a more sustainable running of the firm.

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our activities, including by controlling our consumption of water, energy and natural resources, and managing waste in a way that promotes segregation, recycling and treatment.

We believe that our activities have an impact not only on local communities and our own way of life, but also on the global ecosystem and the future of others, both people and animals. We believe that we have an impact on reality. Here and now, and in the future.

It is everyone’s responsibility to create an organisational culture and a friendly working environment where everyone feels needed and valued, and where everyone’s work is important and contributes to the success of the whole organisation. We believe that everyone benefits from a friendly and supportive environment that fosters growth, inspiration and innovation. Employees, clients and the firm as a whole.

A work culture based on diversity and inclusivity is one of our cornerstones.

We adhere to the principles of equal opportunities and equal treatment of women, men and non-binary people in all aspects of recruitment, employment, performance and division of labour.

Caring for employees and colleagues is a priority for us. We develop their talents and strengths. We encourage mutual support and value collaboration and teamwork. We care about the whole team and all its members. We also aim to make employees and associates aware of the environmental impact of our activities.

We are inspired by clients whose innovative activities, based on the latest technologies, enable them to implement specific solutions that have a real impact on protecting the environment or halting climate change.

We take an active part in these changes and help our clients implement them – in line with our motto: “We work with those who change the world for the better. We find the rules”.

We are involved in many initiatives to support the most pressing social issues. We share legal knowledge, skills and resources. We work pro bono. We stand in solidarity with nations defending freedom, independence, democracy and common European values. We oppose aggression and promote peace, security and the rule of law.

We live our commitment to sustainable business in our day-to-day operations and speak publicly about our values and principles. And we encourage all businesses we work with to make similar changes. As service providers, we want to set a good example, and as service recipients, we only want to work with those who conduct their business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We apply and promote the principles of fair competition and equal treatment of vendors. We support effective, safe and fairly remunerated work.

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