Kochański & Partners currently consists of nearly 100 lawyers, advocates, legal counselors, tax counselors and patent attorneys co-operating through offices in Warsaw and Cracow. We are a full-scope, business-oriented law firm dedicated to providing clients with innovative and efficient legal solutions of the highest professional standards in certain sectors.

Our Approach

Kochański & Partners provides specialized services in ten key sectors. By focusing on these key sectors our clients can be assured that we not only provide standard legal services, but our deeper understanding, knowledge and market intelligence of the industry sectors will ensure the absolute highest level of service, enabling us to deliver legal solutions tailored to those sectors without compromising our ability to assist in areas that we have traditionally been known for, such as IP, litigation, international and investment arbitration, capital markets, corporate and M&A, trade and distribution. As a Polish law firm, we firmly believe in the strength of Poland as a leading global economy, and take an integral part in its growth. We assist foreign companies conducting business and investing in Poland, not just from a narrow legal perspective, but in the wider aspect of assisting companies through finding the right business partners, in tender processes and governmental relations and/or lobbying. At the same time, with the Polish economy maturing, and Polish companies developing, we foresee that Polish companies will play a crucial part in the world economy for the future. We are already seeing a wave of branches and subsidiaries of Polish companies sprouting in other European countries, Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa. Our firm is shaped to stand by these Polish companies from their inception and to provide complete assistance in the long term, to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives. It is our conviction that by having a long-standing relationship with our clients, we understand their business and industry better, we know their objectives, and in doing so we are able to adapt accordingly, but more importantly, stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients in a fully trusted relationship at every step of their development.

Our growth runs parallel to the growth and development of our clients.

Our Values

Our services are based on 5 pillars:

  • Innovation – Kochański & Partners takes pride in being one of the most innovative law firms globally, setting the standard for legal services in Poland. Kochański & Partners does not follow, but paves the way in providing innovative products to its clients.
  • Quality – Kochański & Partners regards quality as an integral part of its services. We constantly monitor our services and are always looking for ways to improve and provide the best possible level of assistance to our clients.
  • Relationship – Kochański & Partners believes in the importance of establishing and maintaining an excellent working relationship with its clients. The better our relationship, the better we work together. Our client relationship manager regularly meets our clients, not to discuss law, but to understand our clients’ businesses and objectives, plans for the future and problems faced.
  • Knowledge – The knowledge of Kochański & Partners lawyers goes beyond legal, we make an effort to know our clients’ industry and the market, including trends, the economic and political climate and other outside influences that affect business.
  • Pro-active – As a firm we do not sit back passively. Kochański & Partners knowledge and understanding of a client’s business and industry allows its lawyers to be pro-active and anticipate problems before they arise, ensuring that we are able to advise and protect our clients effectively and efficiently, saving on cost in the long-run.

In essence, we consider ourselves more than just a law firm!