IP Stars 2022 | Continued recognition for Agnieszka Choromańska-Malicka and Tomasz Szambelan

For almost 30 years, the IP Stars guide has provided objective and reliable knowledge about leading law firms and individual experts specialising in intellectual property law. More than 70 jurisdictions from all over the world are analysed to compile the directory, making the results not only comprehensive but also widely recognised within the Intellectual Property community.

The culmination of this year’s IP Stars recognitions are the individual ‘Rising Stars 2022’ awards in the intellectual property category, which again were given to Agnieszka Choromańska-Malicka and Tomasz Szambelan from the Intellectual and Industrial Property Law Practice.

I am delighted to once again be among the awardees. I am very pleased to have received this year’s recommendation, as it shows that my work is being appreciated. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success and congratulate the other awardees,” commented Agnieszka.

A dynamic team of experts to manage a company’s intangible assets

Intellectual property law and trademark protection are issues increasingly important to businesses.

Technological developments, including the presence of companies and brands in the Metaverse and virtual reality, necessitate working with experienced advisors who are experts in the management of intangible corporate assets and the development of specific strategies for robust protection.

In this area, practical knowledge, experience and an understanding of the client’s specific operations must be coupled with the ability to monitor trends, draw conclusions and take an innovative and out-of-the-box approach to specific projects or problems.

Being recognised once more in the ‘Rising Star in IP’ category is an honour and a source of personal satisfaction. I’m all the more pleased as the ranking takes into account feedback from clients. I take this recommendation as a sign that my commitment to delivering the best service to our clients has is being recognised and appreciated. And that, in turn, gives me the motivation to keep going,” – Tomasz added.

A strong team to support business effectively

This is yet another recommendation for our experts. This year, we have already been recognised in the Trade mark contentious category.

In addition,individual recommendations went to Piotr Kochański (“Patent Star 2022” and “Trade mark Star 2022”) and to Karolina Marciniszyn (“Trade mark Star 2022”).

We have specifically been recognised for: successfully representing our clients in patent and trademark disputes, providing strategic advice on brand protection, and supporting businesses in the acquisition of licences and intellectual property rights.

We would like to thank our clients and peers, without whom this success would not have been possible.

Foar the full results of this year’s ranking, please follow the link.