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Polish tech companies expanding globally

On June 9, 2022, in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange, we hosted a “Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital” Conference Meeting in London. We connected investment, private equity and venture capital funds and private investors with the best business opportunities to invest in Polish companies going global.

The companies spanned the fintech, medtech, robotics and software technology sectors, featuring the most exciting opportunities in each. They presented significant financing prospects, providing funds with the latest insights, data, and high level tech pitches.

Despite volatility within the global market, Polish companies continue to adapt, innovate and uncover new opportunities to expand to foreign markets.

This proves that in the era of a pandemic, foreign expansion is possible not only on distant markets, but also on the competitive wider international market.

“I am very impressed by the presentations given by the managers and founders of ten Polish high-tech companies. Their visions and development strategies made an enormous impression on the participants of the event from the Fin-Tech and Med-Tech industries. What we have seen here is proof that Poles are ready to conquer the world, and we are ready to assist and support the efforts of these Polish companies, as well as other companies from Central and Eastern Europe, which have decided to raise capital on foreign capital markets, in this case, London” – said Piotr Kochański, Managing Partner.

“Polish technology companies represent a world-class level and can compete effectively on the global market, and as such, they need strong VC/PE financial partners. We help them to obtain financing from these institutions and support their ambitious international expansion plans” – said Szymon Balcerzak, Partner.

London can provide a scale and range of financial structures unavailable in the Polish domestic market. Privately sourced equity and debt investors match public market investors in size while offering a wider range of available capital. Our International Finance practice area provides clients with market leading expertise and capability, we know the London investor/finance market terrain and help clients define the optimal structures for them and connect them with the most suitable finance providers.

We thank the presenting companies and wish them all success in obtaining capital for growth:

  • Conotoxia (
  • Green Cell
  • EIP Group
  • Booste
  • Proteon Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Inventi
  • Genomtec
  • Veloxalpha
  • one
  • WorkTrips / Hotailors

Watch Piotr Kochanski’s video where he summarizes the event.

Watch the video coverage of the event.