Crisis and reputation management


Tailor-made solutions are key to ensuring the optimal protection of your company and employee interests, and orienting the company towards the fastest possible crisis stabilisation now and in the future.

The “Brand Stigma: crisis and reputation management” training is a unique product on the market, offering a special view of image crisis management.


We adapt internal company processes to mitigate potential media image crises. We set up and audit internal image crisis management and whistleblowing procedures, press liaison strategies, and rapid emergency response procedures.

Image Consulting

We bring a unique PR and legal advisory product into play in response to image crisis situations. The blending of legal and PR tools allows for a more effective management of image crises through the media.


We conduct comprehensive “Crisis Management” trainings presented by a panel of experts from 3 areas: an advocate, a PR specialist and a journalist.

We present a cross-sectional view of issues related to corporate image protection and management, including in crisis situations, demonstrating the optimum responses via real world examples of situations that could have been avoided if appropriate response systems had been in place.

How we can help

We offer a comprehensive view of image crisis issues from a PR, journalistic and legal perspective.

Three-tiered situational analysis:

  • PR level
  • journalistic level
  • legal level

Find out how to correctly:

  • analyse risk
  • plan your actions
  • develop company resilience

In three thematic blocks led by a PR specialist, a journalist and a lawyer, we take you behind the scenes of crisis management, taking you in deep through all image crisis development and management stages.

The case study starts with journalistic material containing company-oriented questions, and ends with the taking of legal action.

The training is practically based and conducted as a workshop where specific case studies are analysed.

We present real world cases and expose the “behind the scenes” details of the work of specialists from various sectors.

The training is dedicated to communication specialists and management board members, and conducted in small groups with full respect to the highest standards of confidentiality, so that both the training participants and the specialists invited can feel comfortable discussing individual situations.

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