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Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital | Access to International Finance

The access to international finance is an aspiration for many growing companies, especially in Poland, where the quantum and complexity of the finance needed requires other forms of investment and markets than can generally be found in Poland, and this is where London becomes such an important centre.

International funds based in London have an incredible amount of expertise in helping companies grow their particular technology, due to not only their industrial expertise in that sector, but also their skill in helping companies globalise, grow to much larger sizes than they were before.

And that’s the benefit for companies of coming to a market where you can access such expertise.

On June 9 2022, in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange, we hosted a “Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital” Conference Meeting in London. We connected investment, private equity and venture capital funds and private investors with the best business opportunities, seeking to invest in Polish companies going global.

We are very keen to bring worthwhile companies to such markets and introduce them to the best funds looking to invest, and share a real future globally.

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