Tenders for Ukraine | Current status, rules of participation and prospects

7 July 2022 | Knowledge, News

Rebuilding infrastructure and meeting the current needs of citizens are among the most important tasks facing Ukraine today.

This requires not only funds, but above all effective planning and execution – which in practice amounts to tenders and procurement processes.

More than 100 such tenders have been held in just the past few weeks.

Public procurement has several sources of funding. These include international organisations such as the World Bank, the United Nations, EU Member States and the USA, and of course the Ukrainian government.

As a result, today there is no single central point where information on ongoing and planned tenders can be obtained, and this can make it difficult for businesses to access comprehensive information and can consequently prevent them from being able to compete effectively with others.

On 29 June, Jakub Krysa, Markiyan Malskyy and Michał Waraksa conducted a webinar, during which Polish and foreign entrepreneurs had the opportunity to obtain a wealth of valuable information, including:

  • Where to get information on planned tender processes?
  • What is the current status of procurements for Ukraine?
  • How are the tender processes being conducted in practice, and what procedures can be expected by those taking part in them?
  • How to effectively participate in these processes?

In addition, the speakers presented the most interesting ongoing tenders and the tools that can assist businesses to compete effectively in this market.

How can we help your company?

  • We conduct ongoing, sector-specific monitoring of public procurement – particularly in the IT, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, energy, transport and construction sectors,
  • We prepare daily alerts on planned procurements,
  • We can advise you, both at the tender and contract implementation stages, and also in Ukraine itself,
  • We search for and verify business partners in Ukraine, and can support you in concluding contracts with Ukrainian partners or establishing a business in Ukraine.

Jakub Krysa talks about this in the video

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