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Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital | Tech companies changing the world

Technology transition and energy transition are the two greatest drivers of today’s economy.

Technology companies and start-ups, which are trying to change the world by making it more energy friendly, have met in one place, seeking support, funding and partnership.

For them, we look for legal and financial solutions. We help them at every stage of their business, from seeking financing to structuring and scaling up to go global.

With them, we are changing the world for the better – we know how to find the optimum regulatory environments.

On 9 June 2022, in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange, we hosted a “Polish Tech Pitches to Private Capital” Conference Meeting in London. We presented private equity and venture capital funds and private investors with the best business opportunities in Polish companies going global.

Watch the video where Partner Łukasz Węgrzyn talks about how we support clients who are changing the world with their solutions.

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Łukasz Węgrzyn

Łukasz Węgrzyn

Partner, Head of Technology Practice

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