Technology is boldly entering the commercial property market, e.g. contributing to the development of so-called smart buildings.

With technological solutions, buildings become more efficient and benefit all parties: owners, managers and users.

However, successful application of technology in real estate involves the consideration of significant legal issues such as data collection and processing, the contracting and purchase of IT solutions, and building cybersecurity.

How can we assist you?

  • Verify compliance of the IT solutions to be used in the building, identify risks and advise on how to avoid them.
  • Draft and negotiate agreements with IT solution providers regarding: implementation, support, maintenance and development of smart building systems.
  • Draft and negotiate agreements with suppliers of building automation technology.
  • Advise on the selection of IT suppliers at the procurement process stage.
  • Verify who and to what extent has copyrights to the IT systems used in the building.
  • Conduct an IT security audit of IT systems used in the building.
  • Prepare documentation necessary for the use of smart building systems: terms of service, privacy policy, security policy.

Advantages for the real estate sector

Increased property value.

Technology is becoming an important asset in real estate transactions.


Reduced risk

of future decrease in property value.

Greater attractiveness

for potential buyers, tenants or users.

Enhanced ability

to constantly monitor and manage real estate risks.

Reduced risk

of legal and regulatory non-compliance.



Operation of tools

enabling the use of collected data.

Reduced vendor lock-in risk

in respect of IT solution providers.

Openness to new technological

equirements and trends, readiness for new challenges.

Reduced risk of

and reputational damage.

PropTech – Who can benefit from these solutions?

  • Developers
  • Facility Managers of: office buildings, warehouses, shopping centres, entertainment facilities, public buildings
  • Providers of IT solutions for the property development and real estate industries
  • General contractors for construction projects
  • Investment funds operating in the real estate sector
  • Retail chain operators
  • Hotels/hotel chains


Proptech Bg

PropTech – selected experience

Leading global real estate construction and development company:

  • development and standardization of model contracts with providers of IT services for the real estate sector, including: implementation, maintenance, servicing and development contracts;
  • legal assistance in selecting a provider of a central IT system to manage the real estate development company.

Leading global real estate management company:

  • legal assistance in developing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) systems, and in running RPA negotiations with the system provider.

Leading Polish real estate development company:

  • assistance involving strategic business and legal advisory on selecting providers of IT solutions for building management, including monitoring, entry/exit control, reservation of selected building spaces;
  • the purpose of the project was to develop functional and non-functional requirements for the IT solution sought, including analysis of the contemplated functionalities for compliance with law;
  • legal assistance also involved advice on drafting and negotiating a contract with the IT solution provider.


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