Kochanski Kalyna Foundation

Scholarship recipients and new initiatives of the ‘KALYNA’ Foundation in the face of the war in Ukraine

On 8 July 2022, we hosted the annual meeting of the Council of the Polish-Ukrainian-Canadian Kalyna Scholarship Foundation, which we have supported since its inception.

The Foundation was launched in 2018 as a continuation of the ‘Rodzina polska – rodzinie ukraińskiej’ (‘Polish Families to Ukrainian Families’) project. The foundation raises funds for a variety of pro Ukrainian causes including student scholarships for the children of Ukrainian soldiers who died in the Donbass, academic and artistic scholarships for research concerning the problems of Polish-Ukrainian relations, and grants for writing books or preparing artistic, cultural or community events touching on the subject of Polish-Ukrainian history and relations.

The Foundation Board is composed of Grażyna Staniszewska (Chairperson) and Barbara Imiołczyk, while the Foundation Council is composed of the following members: Professor Andrzej Friszke (Chairperson), Professor Tomasz Stryjek, Janina Kuźma, Ewa Pocztar, Rev. Artur Graban, Adam Stec, and Piotr Kochański.

The Foundation’s mission is particularly dear to us, being based on solidarity with families of the victims of the war in Ukraine and on partnership in a diverse society. The Foundation’s initiatives are guided by respect for diversity, professional and social integration of people at risk of exclusion, and support for national minorities. One of the pillars and overarching goals of the Foundation’s work, which is so topical in the face of the Russian attack, is to help victims of armed conflict. Working together with the Foundation, we are happy to be able to help Ukraine also in the fields of culture, art and education” – says Piotr Kochański.

The Foundation Council decided to continue the scholarships for three students from the following universities and faculties: Jagiellonian University – Political Science, AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków – Automation and Robotics, and Vistula Academy of Finance and Business in Warsaw – Graphic Design. Two other scholarship recipients had their scholarships extended due to the war in Ukraine, and a decision was taken to raise funds for a research grant to publish a book.

The Foundation Council also decided to take steps to establish extensive cooperation with Polish universities to facilitate studies for young Ukrainians by in particular the payment of tuition fees for the children of soldiers who died in the defence of Ukraine.

See here a collection of works entitled The war is merciless by Sofiya Soloviova, one of the Foundation’s scholarship holders, a first-year student of Graphic Design, at the Vistula Academy of Finance and Business.