Commercial Law

Providing ongoing legal services to entrepreneurs is an important task requiring not only knowledge of legal regulations, but also awareness of the economic context of undertaken activities, while understanding the supported business.

We advise clients at every stage of their economic activity, both in current operations and at the investment stage, in addition to representing them in any litigation proceedings and negotiations with business partners. Our advisory services cover all forms of entrepreneurial activity relating to trade in goods and services.



First contact counsel/external GC

Acting as a “first contact” counsel/external GC (General Counsel) – identifying and solving legal challenges in the initial stages and, if necessary, providing further assistance through our specialised teams.

Start-up advice

  • Providing legal support and advice at the stage of starting a business, including choosing the most appropriate organisational form;
  • Advising on legal form optimisation;
  • Acquiring foreign employees;
  • Adapting legal solutions towards the optimising of costs.

Remote services for foreign companies in Poland

  • Setting up companies for foreign entities planning to start economic activity in Poland;
  • Assisting companies with foreign management boards in day-to-day management and discharging of obligations imposed by Polish law;
  • Assisting foreign management boards in submitting financial statements.

Commercial contracts

  • Drafting, screening and negotiating commercial contracts;
  • Preparing model contracts, general terms & conditions of contracts, regulations;
  • Assisting in negotiations.

Assistance for regulated activities

  • Assisting in launching and running regulated economic activity with respect to the Gambling Act;
  • Advising on permitted advertising and promotion of gambling activities;
  • Representing clients in criminal, criminal and fiscal, administrative and tax proceedings relating to gambling activities;
  • Preparing applications for gambling and betting authorisation or licence;
  • Representing clients before regulatory authorities.



Providing long-term legal advice to entities in the Novomatic group, Europe’s largest and one of the world’s largest entities offering services relating to the global gambling market (with a total of 30,000 employees worldwide, and revenue in 2018: ca. EUR 5 billion).


Providing long-term legal advice to Poland’s largest manufacturer of DAFI pitcher filters.


Providing long-term legal advice to one of Poland’s largest manufacturers of software for, among others, slot machines.

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