Hemp Industry

The global hemp market is now one of the fastest growing sectors, with Cannabis sativa being a driving force for the economy in a number of EU Member States and the U.S. Although Cannabis sativa is characterized by a low concentration of psychoactive THC, its cultivation still entails numerous restrictions.

The growth of the hemp industry in Poland is hampered primarily by regulatory ambiguities (at the cultivation, processing and marketing stages) and administrative issues.

Hemp is promising due to a broad scope of application and additional health-related and ecological properties. It can be grown almost anywhere, regardless of climatic conditions. Despite this, it still represents a relatively small share in the Polish economy.

Kochański & Partners provides legal protection to hemp entrepreneurs, including those introducing medical treatments and ecologically based products.

Providing advice and representing clients in this sector requires an understanding and recognition of the wide range of legal, regulatory, operational and financial aspects of both medical and industrial hemp use.

How can we assist you?

We offer our clients legal advice in all areas relevant for business development, i.e.:

  • Legal advice in the regulatory area;
  • Applications for licenses and permits;
  • Assistance in product imports to Poland or with local production and marketing;
  • Corporate transactions in the hemp market;
  • Assistance in fundraising: loan transactions, private and public security issues (IPO), crowdfunding;
  • Advice on setting up of corporate structures, including tax aspects;
  • Assistance in establishment of R&D centres;
  • Intellectual property protection and licensing;
  • Compliance;
  • Assistance in drafting legislative proposals;
  • Labour law;
  • Litigation and disputes;
  • Representation in administrative proceedings.

Selected experience

  • eu: Agreement on the import of medical cannabis and associated products from Israel.
  • Ignite International Brands: Memorandum on the potential use of CBD (Cannabidiol) in the cosmetics, food and e-liquid industries.
  • Hortican Inc.: CBD regulatory memorandum.
  • Gold Green (belonging to Personnel Service): Legalization of cannabis oils as food products.
  • Krynica Vitamin: Legalization of cannabis beverages and product labels;

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