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Litigation Practice

Comprehensive and pro-business assistance in legal disputes requires not only a thorough knowledge of the law and how it is construed by law enforcement bodies, but above all an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and knowing how to apply the above element to the development of optimal litigation strategies. In this regard, our lawyer task groups provide clients with legal advice based on extensive litigation experience and comprehension of the legal and business aspects unique for every industry in the market.

We specialize both in traditional proceedings before courts, tribunals and administrative authorities, and in representing clients in negotiations, mediation or arbitration.


Commercial Litigation

Kochanski & Partners is highly experienced in managing complex litigation cases that require expertise in a broad spectrum of legal areas such as commercial, civil, energy law, etc.

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Penal and White Collar Crimes Proceedings

White collar crime is generally identified as nonviolent crime that public officials and businesspeople commit predominantly for their own personal gain. Clients who are under government investigation require robust representation.

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Mediations and Negotiations

Mediation and negotiation can be a very useful and effective tool. Mediation can be used to resolve conflicts or to support future decision making. Kochanski & Partners can assist clients resolve disputes without litigation using various alternative dispute resolution procedures.

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Efficient Debt Collection

Kochanski & Partners specializes in rendering legal assistance in every stage of collecting debts, from pre-trail calls and negotiations with debtors, through court proceedings up to enforcement.

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Insurance Litigation

Kochanski & Partners specializes in providing legal assistance for both criminal and subsequent civil liability for damages, punitive damages, redress and recourse claims.

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Ringier Axel Springer Polska

Representing a global publisher, the owner of Fakt, Newsweek and Forbes in commercial litigation and enforcement proceedings. Legal assistance in a criminal proceeding as representative of an aggrieved party.

Friedrich Wilhelm Lubbert Gmbh & Co KG

Representing one of the European leaders in the FMCG industry in criminal proceedings. As a result of fraud the company made a loss equal to a few million EUR. Efficient assistance in criminal proceedings effected obtaining efficient compensation of the loss.

FromAtoB GmbH

Dispute concerning a defective Internet platform for a German IT company. Kochanski & Partners represented the interests of the ordering party, a German IT company, as defendant in a case for payment for the creation of an Internet platform. The platform was made so that effective use of the embedded price comparison tool was prevented. The ordering party disputed the claim. The efficient and cost-effective litigation tactics of Kochanski & Partners’s lawyers facilitated a settlement agreement that was favorable to the Client and ended the dispute at an early stage taking into account the Client’s business goals.

Our Leaders

Mateusz Ostrowski

Mateusz Ostrowski


Head of Practice

phone +48 22 326 9600
mobile +48 606 385 813

Agnieszka Chajewska

Agnieszka Chajewska


phone +48 22 326 9600
mobile +48 728 432 414

Latest news

29 Jul 2020

Another litigation win for Kochański & Partners: Onet journalist walks free from court

The District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście has discontinued criminal proceedings against an Onet journalist who wrote about paedophilia in the Tricity area (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot). Mr Podolski was represented by advocate Mateusz Ostrowski, Partner and Head of Litigation at Kochański & Partners. Mikołaj Podolski detailed several paedophile crimes that were to be committed in the […]
17 Jun 2020

IP courts and changes in intellectual property proceedings

As early as the 1st of July, an amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure will enter into force, introducing specialised courts for intellectual property matters (IP Courts) into the common court system. The purpose is to ensure efficient resolution of intellectual property cases by specialised judges. IP Courts Upon entry into force of the […]

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