Invest and finance your investment in Poland and Ukraine

Date: 1 December

Time: 9:30-12:30

Place: Hybrid event


Are you looking into  investment opportunities outside Spain? Do you want to learn how to finance and secure  your business projects?

You will find attractive investment opportunities and financing options on the Polish and Ukrainian markets.

The coming years – a time of revolutionary change in Poland’s infrastructure and energy sectors

The key “drivers” of these transformations will be the rebuilding of the Polish economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the decarbonization, digitalization and increasing adoption of ESG practices. To this end, Poland is already receiving the largest ever funding from the EU budget.

However, the very potential of Polish companies may not be sufficient to fully implement the intended projects. In order to reach its full potential, Poland must exploit the wide experience and know-how of foreign companies, including those from Spain, and particularly those which have been thriving on the Polish market for years and by so doing have contributed to the development of our economy.

Rebuilding of Ukraine

The reconstruction of Ukraine – one of the greatest financial challenges for Europe – is a significant opportunity for cooperation between Polish, Ukrainian and Spanish businesses.

Ukraine is close to the European industrial centre, has easy access to sea communication routes (on resolution of the war), and straightforward and direct trade routes with large European economies. The World Bank currently estimates the cost of reconstruction at $350 billion, a figure growing every month.

Financing and insurance of investments

Spanish investments plans, Polish know-how and KUKE hedging instruments are likely to result in many joint business opportunities.



Poland | Investment opportunities in the infrastructure and energy sector

Today more than ever, the involvement of Spanish companies has become indispensable for the effective implementation of numerous infrastructure and energy projects arising in Poland. At the same time, it is clear that Spanish companies stand to significantly benefit from their involvement.

  • The current state of infrastructure and energy investments in Poland
  • Poland’s investment plans of Poland within the infrastructure and energy sectors
  • Financing of infrastructure and energy investments
  • The involvement of Spanish companies in these investments


Wojciech Wrochna, Partner, Kochański & Partners

Jacek Kozikowski, Partner, Kochański & Partners


Ukraine | Current state, reconstruction prospects and investment opportunities

Despite the ongoing war, a number of tenders are currently being conducted by international organisations and the Ukrainian administration to meet the current needs of Ukrainian citizens and to rebuild its infrastructure.

The services, supplies and works being procured are undoubtedly critical for the Ukrainian side. At the same time, they represent a significant business opportunity for Spanish companies interested in participating in the reconstruction process in Ukraine.

Thousands of Polish companies are already involved in the process of rebuilding Ukraine, some within international consortia, and such partnerships between Polish and Spanish companies may act as a bridge for Spanish investments into Ukraine.

  • The scale of destruction and current / future needs of Ukraine
  • Sources of funding for the reconstruction of Ukraine
  • Locating information on projects and investments in Ukraine
  • Preparing to participate in projects in Ukraine
  • Current projects and investment opportunities


Jakub Krysa PhD, Partner, Kochański & Partners

Markiyan Malskyy PhD, Partner, Kochański & Partners


Funding and insurance opportunities for Spanish investments in Poland and Ukraine

The increased risk resulting from the global economic slowdown, geopolitical tension and uncertain prospects are stifling the willingness of businesses to invest, develop, and seek new opportunities in foreign markets.

So how can businesses safely expand despite this situation and take advantage of the available market opportunities? What are the best financial instruments for implementing new solutions that will ensure long-term security of planned projects?

  • Shop In Poland – cooperation of Polish and Spanish business on international markets
  • Insurance of investment financing in Poland and globally
  • Reconstruction of Ukraine – great potential, limited risk


Janusz Władyczak, President and CEO, KUKE (Export Credit Insurance Corporation)

Who should attend

The event is aimed at Spanish investors and contractors considering or already developing projects or investments outside Spain with Polish and Ukrainian companies. The event will also detail obtaining financing to locate your business worldwide.

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