As a domestic law firm we hold relationships with a select group of the largest and most recognized law firms operating in foreign jurisdictions.

These relationships extend throughout the globe and leave no jurisdiction uncovered.

It is our principle that we do not work with each and every law firm. The law firms we work with are specifically selected as the most reputable and award winning firms in their jurisdictions, which ensure that our clients receive the same level of service (through sharing similar principles to ours) as they have come to expect with Kochański & Partners.

Moreover, these firms are ranked tier one in the sectors that they are known for – the same sectors that we specialize in. Through these relationships we are able to assist our clients in developing their operations on the international market, whether by obtaining foreign finance, seeking foreign business partners or providing simple insight into foreign markets.

These deeply integrated relationships allow us to work on cross-border matters seamlessly. The better we know our partners, and the better they know us, the better we serve our clients.