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We express our solidarity with a struggling Ukraine, fighting to defend freedom, independence, democracy and shared European values.

We oppose Russia’s aggression! We stand for peace, security and the rule of law in Ukraine.

In the face of attacks on our Neighbours and Brothers, we are joining in to help Ukraine and Ukrainians fleeing to Poland. We share our expertise and experience, provide financial support and offer volunteers to assist.

We support Ukrainian companies requiring immediate action in order to survive the current conflict and return to their former strength after the war is over.

We provide assistance on formal and organisational issues, supporting our clients, their companies and also NGOs and charitable institutions.

In this section, we present publications and advisory analyses on business safety measures and relocation options, avenues for potential damage compensation as a result of the war, government relations, access to capital, pending infrastructural renewal of Ukraine, energy matters, labour law, immigration law (including legalisation of stay), available cash and in-kind aid benefits as well as tax issues.

We are closely monitoring the legislative process and following all available information, valuable from the perspective of both businesses and individuals involved in providing aid towards the reconstruction of Ukraine and employing Ukrainians in Poland or abroad. We pay particular attention to investors interested in the restoration of Ukraine, including its infrastructure, industry and commerce.

Our interdisciplinary team of highly qualified specialists, including Ukrainian lawyers and consultants, focuses on:

  • Relocation and financing
  • Commercial contracts
  • Corporate matters
  • Labour and immigration matters
  • Tax liability and tax exemptions, reliefs and preferences
  • Administrative law matters, including requirements and licences
  • Intellectual property and trademark registration
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Public procurement
  • Supporting Ukrainian producers to enter the European Union market

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Markiyan Malskyy, PhD hab

Markiyan Malskyy, PhD hab

Advocate (UA), Partner, Head of Ukrainian Desk

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