Online event: The Metaverse in business – just a fad or a natural development for the Internet?

Date: May 26, 2022

Time: 16:00-19:00

Place: Online

Metaverse Online Event Kochanski Eng

The Metaverse, as a virtual space integrating physical and digital realities, has started to gain interest in recent years, now being among the hottest topics in the world of technology.

One reason for this is that the Metaverse carries the potential to generate entirely new business opportunities, bringing different business sectors, such as commerce, gaming and financial services, to a new level of digitalisation. As such, the Metaverse industry is estimated to grow steadily over the 2030 horizon, with its value already being counted in trillions of USD.

What are the investment and development opportunities offered by the Metaverse?

Kochański & Partners and Santander Bank Polska invite you to attend a joint Metaverse event, during which we will address some of the most nagging questions, including:

  • What is the Metaverse?
  • What can be traded within the Metaverse?
  • What is blockchain used for in the Metaverse?
  • What existing trends will the development of the Metaverse accelerate?
  • What challenges does the Metaverse face?
  • What are the legal aspects related to the Metaverse?


16:00-16:40 Introduction to Metaverse – Szymon Ciach, Attorney-at-law, Counsel

16:40-17:20 Panel discussion

17:20-17:40 Q&A Session

17:40-19:00 Networking

A link to the online broadcast will be sent to participants the day before the event. The event will be held in English.

Kochański & Partners lawyers have developed the first extensive Metaverse report in Poland which is available here.


Registration for this event is now closed.