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We are ready to change the world – step by step

Making the world a better place is the key to our vision for building a new future. Yet translating this ambitious idea into concrete action takes individuals with a variety of talents, skills and expertise, with diverse, not always strictly business experience, people with an open mind and the courage to challenge the status quo, who at the same time are passionate, determined and effective – people like Parasto Yari, a prominent Afghan lawyer, activist and defender of human rights.

It is people who change the world

For nearly 25 years, we have been creating and initiating change, and not only when it comes to the legal market. We believe that we also have a responsibility to set benchmarks and trends in the wider social area, outside of our product range or the level of service to which our Clients and colleagues have become accustomed.

“A business relying solely on specific profitability indicators is, in one way or another, doomed to hit the wall” – says Piotr Kochański, Managing Partner.  

“We already sense that the new reality will require us to be more sustainable, open-minded and curious. If we want to make a real difference in the world, we need to complement our strong and well-established business activities with strategic components, naturally related to issues that cannot always be precisely measured. And we are ready for this” – he adds.

Parasto – our human rights lawyer

Today, change has become the word on everyone’s lips, along with technological and energy transition, human rights, the need to protect the climate and nature, and build a new, brighter and fairer reality.

But achieving real, sustainable change is a result of numerous actions, including the building of interdisciplinary, multicultural teams with differing backgrounds and areas of expertise. And we are building these teams, one step at a time.

Parasto Yari is a lawyer and a graduate of Kabul University with degrees in Law and Political Science. She is an internationally renowned activist and defender of women’s and human rights, including the rights of minorities living in Afghanistan such as the Hazara, Uzbek and Turkmen.

Parasto is experienced in monitoring and investigating cases of human rights violations. She has worked for the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) and was Senior Advisor to the State Ministry for Peace of Afghanistan.

She has represented Afghanistan at international conferences and events, worked as a legal advisor to non-profit organisations, and lectured at Afghan universities on human rights, international law and criminal law.

In our Firm, Parasto will be tasked with taking action to support diversity, inclusivity, gender equality and refugee assistance.

“As part of our mission, we intend to draw on Parasto’s talents, knowledge and experience. I can’t think of a better person to take care of this unique combination of business and the transformation we expect”  – points out Piotr Kochański.

“We are building a multicultural team in which every member should feel safe and comfortable. We want to provide the best conditions for expanding knowledge, skills and experience at Kochański & Partners, because we believe that such a philosophy will translate into the long-term and harmonious development of the entire company. And we are more than confident that this approach will pay off” – he adds with conviction.

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