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Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important for private enterprise. RFQs, in addition to giving consideration to basic criteria such as price or product specification, are becoming more sensitive about the type of energy used for their production, and in particular the carbon footprint. A growing pro-ecological culture among consumers is also a factor influencing companies to offer low-e products and gain a competitive edge in markets, especially when developed and highly competitive. Taking into account these market developments, below please find our energy strategy for enterprises.

We offer assistance in implementing an energy strategy based on low-emission and optimal fuel sources in enterprises, in choosing between entering into a PPA or building proprietary sources, and if the latter is more promising, in selecting between photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, biogas, hydrogen, water or other sources.

This allows for the optimization of enterprises’ decisions relating to their demand for clean energy. Our solutions help reduce the carbon footprint of output products, and select, in regulatory terms, the best and simplest solution, cost-optimal for a specific client, taking into account the nature of activity, as well as the type and scale of production.

Our interdisciplinary team of experienced lawyers, partners, technical and economic experts deal with the development and implementation of solutions individually tailored to your business needs. Only by fusing these three areas and referring them to a specific business environment can we enable correct decision-making free of marketing influence and conventional choices. We believe the needs of our clients over the long term far outweigh any short term desire to sell unnecessary solutions. We rather guarantee full technological neutrality, serving the needs of our clients again and again over the business cycle.

How can we help you?

  • We can help you understand the intricacies of energy law and regulations for a given industry or business, the available sources of aid (e.g. under the Capacity Market Act) and optimal legal solutions;
  • We can support you in the implementation of projects to increase energy efficiency, carrying out energy audits, and in the process of obtaining white certificates;
  • We can analyse the possibilities of your participation in the capacity market by providing a demand reduction service;
  • We can help you choose, based on objective financial data, the type of technological solution – whether for energy or other utilities (heating, cooling);
  • We can advise you in the process of implementing solutions ensuring energy self-sufficiency through the use of your own generation units (such as photovoltaic installations, wind farms and other sources), with full technological neutrality;
  • We can assist you in identifying sources of financing for your projects (develop a business plan, seek financing).

The benefits of implementing an innovative energy strategy:

  • Increased competitiveness of products and services as produced with clean energy;
  • Reduced carbon footprint of your goods and services;
  • Financial savings on energy purchases via reduction of energy consumption and self-generation;
  • Your company becomes environmentally friendly through significantly reduced emissions.

We encourage you to contact us – especially medium and large enterprises, with annual electricity costs exceeding PLN 1,000,000.

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