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Tax Practice

Business projects require assessment not only from the legal but also from the tax perspective. Tax analysis is important both to verify project viability and to identify any possible fiscal risks, along with ways to eliminate or minimize them, as well as fields of tax optimization. Our team of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers, using its extensive experience in legal services for businesses, provides comprehensive advice on domestic and international taxation, including tax optimization issues, as well as accounting.



Our corporate income tax team has in-depth knowledge and experience in providing ongoing tax advisory services for corporate Clients operating in the Real Estate, Media, Banking and Capital Markets, Automotive, FMCG, Energy, Health Care and Tourism industries.

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Transfer Pricing

The Kochanski & Partners Tax Team has extensive expertise and experience in transfer pricing. This includes not only drafting transfer pricing documentation and conducting benchmark studies, but also carrying out economic analyses to be used in litigation and arbitration procedures.

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Dynamic Tax Planning

Our tax planning experts offer complex tax planning services aimed at optimizing tax and other public law burdens. Thanks to our cooperation with foreign law firms we can recommend our clients not only domestic but also international tax planning opportunities.

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International Taxation

Our international taxation team offers companies complex tax services on inbound and outbound transactions, including tax planning for cross-border transactions.

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Our personal income tax team specializes in providing services for corporate employers, individual shareholders, executives and high-ranked employees. We assist corporate Clients acting as employers and tax remitters in meeting their obligations imposed by law.

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Local Taxes

Our local tax team in cooperation with our Real Estate Department provides tax advisory services on local taxes, in particular real estate tax. We provide our Clients with tax advisory services aimed at managing their tax risks exposure resulting from imprecise statutory provisions and tax law practice which often varies from municipality to municipality.

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Tax Litigation

Dispute resolution before the tax authorities and courts is an indispensable aspects of running a business no matter whether on domestic or international markets.

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Customs Law

The Kochanski & Partners Customs Law team consists of experts with experience in both the legal and taxation areas.We offer assistance both in daily trade activities, as well as in making cost-effective decisions related to cross-border transactions in goods.

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Tax Compliance

We assist entrepreneurs running a business in Poland in meeting their administrative obligations imposed on them by law, at all stages of their business activities. Among others, we help our Clients in registering a company or a branch in Poland.

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Our Value Added Tax team provides ongoing tax advisory services for domestic and foreign companies. We help our Clients to understand complex Polish and European Union VAT regulations and to eliminate errors in their application. We also assist our Clients in dealing with VAT settlements.

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Procurement & Logistics International

Advice on tax structuring of the operations of a Walmart company in Poland.

Candido Jose Rodrigues

Representing a Portuguese company in a dispute with tax authorities relating to VAT on the supply of wind turbines.

Małpka S.A.

Development and implementation of an effective structure of remuneration for the Management Board.

Our Leaders

Agata Dziwisz

Agata Dziwisz


Head of Practice

phone +48 22 326 9600
mobile +48 668 886 370

Andrzej Malec, PhD

Andrzej Malec, PhD


phone +48 22 326 9600
mobile +48 660 765 920

Latest news

3 Dec 2020

International Taxation in CEE – Agata’s speaking appearance

2020 12 03_Agata Dziwisz
Agata Dziwisz was a speaker at the 11th Annual “International Taxation in CEE” conference. This event covered a broad range of taxation matters across the CEE region, taking into account the wave of new measures which have to be handled by tax professionals, including new documentation requirements, audits by tax authorities and new tax and […]
6 Nov 2020

Four facets of tax changes

2020 11 06_Agata Dziwisz_Cztery Oblicza Zmian Podatkowych_EN
Tax regulations are the most frequently amended legislation. This has been the case for a long time, but the scale and speed of recent changes are unprecedented. However, the direction of the changes is unclear. On the one hand, we are experiencing a clear tightening of regulations by the tax authorities, but on the other, […]

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