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May is Diversity Month, June is Pride Month, and with us it’s time to talk about ESG.

Monika Politowska-Bar explains why inclusive organisations perform better financially.

She is echoed by Wojciech Wrochna and Bartosz Brzyski, who persuade us that industry, in order to meet the environmental objectives of its ESG policies, can increase the share of biofuels in its own production. And Paweł Mardas highlights that this will also bring benefits to those family businesses facing succession planning, which, thanks to family foundations, is already possible.

Because well resolved management issues give you freedom, in life and in business, Patrycja Wakuluk takes a close look at the amendment to the Companies Act, which aims precisely to extend the principle of freedom of establishment in the EU. And Krzysztof Zięba and Aminata Traore-Michalak are looking just as closely at the new Explanations by the President of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office on reporting of discounts by merchants.

ESG is also about technology, cyber security and data protection, so Monika Maćkowska-Morytz and Maciej Kuranc summarise 5 years of GDPR. And finally Katarzyna Pustułka and Wojciech Śliż remind us not to leave tax matters and deadlines to the last minute. Because this is also an important part of ESG.

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