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7 June 2023 | Knowledge, News, The Right Focus

The Western world is paying increasing attention to building diverse work environments. Indeed, employers are aware that diversity management and the building of inclusive organisations are essential to both attract candidates and retain existing talent within the organisation.

A successful competition for a satisfied employee

Nowadays, in the age of social media and digitalisation, employees are increasingly keen to share opinions about their workplace, and this disseminates this information to a wide audience of both potential employees and clients.

It’s clearly an “employee’s market”, and so employers must fight harder for workers, taking into account the changing environment and the requirements of new generations. It is therefore important to create an environment that will integrate every employee in the heart of the organisation, make best use their potential and take their ideas into account, regardless of diversities such as nationality, age, gender or orientation.

An inclusive organisation should first and foremost consider the individual and make them feel empowered and secure.

An inclusive organisation means better business performance for the company and a higher level of satisfaction for the individual employees

It has been proven that inclusive organisations perform better financially. This is because the greater the satisfaction of employees, the greater their commitment and effectiveness.

To build an inclusive environment, you need to start from the ground up. Apart from putting in place appropriate regulations and procedures, it is crucial to apply the underlying ideas and principles in everyday life. Efforts in this field should be made at every stage of the employee life cycle and at every organisational level – beginning with recruitment, through promoting and monitoring the performance of multicompetent teams, to training for managers.

Employers can take measures such as:

  • Applying a system of evaluations and reports on equal treatment in employment, including in recruitment, e.g. by implementing transparent recruitment and promotion policies
  • Having a transparent remuneration system
  • Providing awareness-raising training for employees and managers
  • Using appropriate (non-exclusive) language in the workplace
  • Promoting inclusivity through diversity in leadership positions
  • Building mixed teams with complementary competences

Employers should be aware of the importance of building an inclusive workplace. In fact, this has a direct positive impact on both the quality of work and the attitude of clients towards the services or products offered.

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