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Summer is in full swing, so whoever can, is already carefreely enjoying the long, sunny days and holiday. But as business never takes time off, our summer edition of The Right Focus is, as always, a plethora of news and practical tips.

Wojciech Wrochna, Jacek Kozikowski and Aleksandra Pinkas point out that energy-intensive industrial enterprises can obtain up to EUR 40 million to cover electricity purchase costs.

Weronika Duda and Malwina Jagiełło write about the next stage of the elimination of perpetual usufruct from the Polish legal system.

Patrycja Wakuluk and Adam Czarnota remind us that the Civil Code prohibits self-dealing, and Jakub Krysa and Michał Waraksa suggest how to avoid the obligation to conclude a contract without losing the tender bond where the economic operator has offered a predatory price in a tender process.

Tomasz Szambelan hints to Ukrainian businesses that they can receive up to 1,500 EUR towards intellectual property protection fees, and Jakub Dittmer reminds us that, if you have already paid the solidarity levy for 2022, you may still apply to the tax authorities for a refund of this ‘tax’.

Finally, Katarzyna Pastuszyńska and Bartłomiej Galos wonder what the consequences will be of the recent judgment of the Supreme Court, which set aside the judgment of the Court of Appeal in the high-profile case of a columnist for the weekly magazine “Do Rzeczy”.

Sounds interesting? Read about all the above in the latest edition of #TheRightFocus.

Prohibition of self-dealing 

According to the lawmakers, the introduction of the prohibition in the Civil Code was justified, inter alia, by the need to ensure the protection of the interests of a principal, i.e. a person who authorises another entity to represent him/her in an act having a direct effect for him/her.

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