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Wiktoria Tracichleb, 5th year law student at Kozminski University, Paralegal and intern in the Tax Practice

W Tracichleb

I started my adventure with Kochański & Partners in 2021 as an intern in the Tax Practice.

Since then, there have been only good things happening in my professional life – I’ve learnt a lot and grown on a legal, personal and business level. In addition, I have had my article published in Forbes Poland, and have also been promoted.

I think this law firm is a great place to start your career and to make close friends who will be with you for years to come.

Karol Bak, 4th year law student at Kozminski University, intern in the Disputes of Financial Institutions Practice led by Andrzej Palys

K Bak

I started working with Kochański & Partners as an evening assistant in the financial litigation department. After a year I was promoted to the position of intern.

Working at K&P allows me to combine work with my studies and contributes to my professional, intellectual and personal development.

My team are always happy to help and allow me to develop my interests.
One of the biggest advantages of working at Kochański & Partners is working with peers from other practices – this gives me an understanding of what the legal process is like in other practices/sectors, which makes it easier for me to tailor my interests to the needs of the firm.

Being able to interact with my peers allows me to grow and learn faster.
I can study full time and work, as the firm understands the priority of study over work and allows me to be flexible, in line with my university schedule.

I can always rely on the knowledge and relationship with my supervisors, who help me solve the problems I sometimes encounter in my role in a very constructive and meaningful way.

Andrzej Pałys, Advocate, Partner

A Palys

I started as an administrative assistant and worked my way up through all the ranks to equity partner.

If someone is committed and talented, there are no “glass ceilings” here. This is a firm that strives to increase potential, that wants to make a long-term commitment, that does not look for mediocrity for a limited period, but thinks ahead and is committed to the development of its staff.

This is a full-scope organisation, so everyone should be able to find something to suit them, and if a particular place still does not appeal to them, there is a chance to move to another practice.

The firm invests in personal development – we provide opportunities for young lawyers and law students to learn the art of law, both in Poland and abroad.

We invest in young talent and develop interests.

Jakub Jach, Attorney at Law, Counsel

J JachMy adventure with Kochański & Partners began during my attorney at law training.

The opportunity to work for large clients from the financial sector and hone my legal skills in the litigation department, and the support and kindness of my colleagues from the Disputes of Financial Institutions team, were all factors that helped me grow professionally and gain valuable experience.

My determination, commitment and sense of responsibility were noticed and allowed me to progress very quickly from associate to counsel. I am happy to develop not only my legal expertise but also my skills as a business lawyer, who knows the Client’s needs, is able to respond to the constantly changing reality and co-organise the work of the largest team in our law firm.

If you care about your Client’s interests, always seek the best solutions, go beyond the scope of your basic duties and show initiative, this will certainly be appreciated at Kochański & Partners!

Karol Połosak, Advocate, Partner

K Polosak

I joined the firm when I was in my 4th year of university.

I started from the position of administrative assistant and then steadily climbed the career ladder to reach my current position of partner.

The Firm provides amazing opportunities for young people to develop. Back when I was an administrative assistant, I had the opportunity to do my first legal researches. This exercise helped me not only to broaden my knowledge, but also to gain the trust of more experienced senior colleagues. This is how it all started. Later on, with each rung of the career ladder, there were more and more interesting tasks and challenges.

And so it has continued consistently for 13 years.

Dominika Durchowska, Advocate, Partner, Head of the Cracow Office

D Durchowska

I started working with Kochanski & Partners seven years ago as an associate.

Back in that position, I already had the opportunity to work on some of the most significant cases, in a team specialising in arbitration and international law.

Working in an environment of strong talent enabled me to quickly build my own expertise in handling international disputes.

From the beginning, I had the full support of Kochański & Partners in following my dream career path. Now I am a partner and head of the Cracow Office.

Kochański & Partners is committed to the development of young lawyers. My example shows that nothing is impossible at this Firm and anyone who has an idea of what they want to do and has the determination to pursue their goals can be very successful being part of the Kochański & Partners team.


Patrycja Kosk, Paralegal, 5th year student at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, intern at Rafał Rapala’s Corporate Practice of Law

P Kosk

I began my work here as an intern in the Disputes of Financial Institutions practice. I then moved to the Corporate practice also as an intern and I continue to work there, but now as a paralegal.

Working with Kochański & Partners, I can learn a lot, I am surrounded by specialists and do interesting legal research that expands my knowledge and professional horizons.

I work in a development-friendly environment from which I can draw experience but also make long-term friendships.

Bartłomiej Galos, Junior Associate, advocate trainee, Warsaw Bar Association

B Galos

It is very difficult for me to choose just a few things that I like about working at Kochański & Partners.

I think the greatest asset here is the great atmosphere I encountered from the very beginning. The lawyers are not hierarchical and have tried to introduce me to Clients/the Firm right from the start. At every stage of my work, I could always count on my questions being listened to, no matter to whom those questions were directed, whether a colleague or a Partner. This is a very good working environment for young people, because we are surrounded by people with whom we can exchange our experiences.

We start as an intern and then end up in positions such as associate or junior associate, as is the case with me, or even Partners. Even the youngest colleagues are introduced to marketing/business development, through which they promote both themselves and the firm from the outset. There are no obscure situations where marketing texts are drafted together and then signed by partners only. Here, they are signed off by all those who took part in the creative process.

Bar training is a duty and everyone at Kochański & Partners understands this – I have never encountered any objection as development always comes first. Also, the opportunity to make international contacts is a huge advantage for younger people. If you are dedicated to the firm and BD, your work will never go unnoticed. You will be promoted and offered long-term employment.

Another advantage is the great equality of opportunity – it only depends on commitment.

Maciej Kuranc, Associate, advocate trainee, Warsaw Bar Association

M Kuranc

I have been here since I was an intern, and am currently an associate – I began in the banking department and am now in the new technologies practice.

What I value most is the opportunity for versatile development, I don’t feel confined to one branch of law, I have the opportunity to take part in multidisciplinary projects and thus work with specialists in various fields of law.

I/m also happy to be surrounded by nice people here – I always come to the office smiling and look forward to talking and exchanging ideas with my colleagues.

My interaction with people with different interests also had a positive impact on me – I was able to learn about different areas of law, which allowed me to develop my interests and find the right career path for me. Even as an intern, I was actively involved in ongoing projects. I could count on the support of my team and also on professional guidance, and after each task I completed I received meaningful feedback.

Dominik Karkoszka, Senior Associate, Attorney at Law

D Karkoszka

I came here after graduation but before my bar training. I completed my internship in 3 months.

As an intern, I was responsible for the day-to-day support of the legal team, drafting corporate documents, preparing applications/motions, which often included technical aspects. I was also involved in preparing drafts for Clients.

There was a lot of work, but it was not overwhelming – I could always count on the support of my colleagues in the team. I was able to build up both practical experience and knowledge.

My Partner is both a very good boss and mentor – he cares about his staff  and I knew I would be able to grow here.

I have been working here for 7 years and I chose to stay because of my boss and the growth opportunities.

The firm’s excellent location and the cool people working here, were other factors that influenced my decision to develop here. I had always wanted to work on corporate law and working here has only cemented that. However, you don’t always have to stay in the same department that you joined as an intern – it’s worth trying to find your thing and I know that most people have found their calling precisely as interns.

Aneta Serowik, Counsel, Advocate

A SerowikI was in my fifth year when I joined Kochański & Partners’ banking & finance practice, where I was involved in financing transactions, representing banks.

My responsibilities included handling part of the bank’s debt portfolio, in terms of debt collection, and this taught me independence and work organisation. It also helped me identify my professional interests.

I then moved on to the corporate law department, as this was the team where I saw my future in the legal profession. While I was still an intern, I helped with research, pleadings and transactions. I learnt a lot from these assignments and, as the job really suited me, I decided to stay.

After passing my bar entrance exam, I became a junior associate and my career progressed to where I am now as a counsel. And most importantly, I enjoy doing what I do, in a team that inspires me to explore and develop further, despite my now well-established position.