Special recognition in The Lawyer European Awards 2023

The war in Ukraine has been going on for nearly two years. The media regularly report new casualties from shelling, air strikes and bombing. There has also been continuous destruction of infrastructure, which is demanding huge resources to rebuild.

Unfortunately, there are no signs that Russian aggression will end any time soon, so Ukraine needs continued, stable and consistent support on many levels.

This is particularly important at a time when international relations are sometimes tense and solidarity among allied states has weakened. In such circumstances, business becomes an important source of support for a defending nation. It can respond more quickly, flexibly and precisely than the powerful but less agile aid mechanisms of the world’s governments.

We want to lead by example in engaging business on key social issues

One of our core values is to speak out against injustice, tyranny and attacks on the rule of law. That’s why, from the outset, we have been committed to helping Ukraine by taking on the role of an initiator, facilitator and partner of the debate on the most important and current needs, strategic directions for future reconstruction and the most pressing problems of Central and Eastern Europe as a whole.

That’s why we have created “(Re) Build (New) Ukraine” – a comprehensive programme to provide multi-directional support to Ukrainian companies and institutions trying to find their way in the new reality, and to prepare businesses for the challenges of the post-war era.

“(Re) Build (New) Ukraine”: Multi-faceted, comprehensive support

The beginning of what is now one of our strategic projects was marked by a series of spontaneous, heartfelt actions and a purely human desire to help those in need, which over time, under the guidance of Markiyan Malskyy and his Ukrainian Desk, developed into a coordinated and well-thought-out strategy.

Today, our activities under the “(Re) Build (New) Ukraine” programme include planning the relevant processes, budgeting, conducting legal preparation, defining strategies and analysing international public procurement. All to help companies rebuild Ukraine in a consistent manner.

We are also advising on a number of cases against the Russian Federation, seeking compensation for war damage, destruction and resulting business and financial losses, both through international investment arbitration and through enforcement of Ukrainian court judgments.

We regularly organise training courses, seminars and webinars to share practical knowledge on how to participate in projects related to the rebuilding of Ukraine, to provide examples of successful Polish-Ukrainian ventures, and to assist in financing investments and attracting international investors and capital.

We also support the Polish-Ukrainian-Canadian Kalyna Scholarship Foundation, which raises funds for student scholarships for the children of Ukrainian soldiers killed defending Donbass, academic and artistic scholarships for research into issues of Polish-Ukrainian relations, and grants for the publication of books and the organisation of artistic, cultural or social events dealing with history and mutual relations.

The Lawyer Awards 2023: A prestigious award for our efforts

Today, “(Re) Build (New) Ukraine” is a mature and comprehensive project that realistically supports the Polish-Ukrainian cause and effectively engages global partners and foreign capitals. Importantly, it is also generating international interest, ensuring that the issue of support remains relevant and topical in the debate we have with our clients and friends.

This is reflected in our Highly Commended award in The Best ESG Initiative category of The Lawyer European Awards 2023.

The judges of this prestigious competition recognised the fact that our support is long-term, comprehensive and multi-faceted, encompassing humanitarian, legal and strategic business assistance.

This year’s award has a special meaning for us. We dedicate it to our neighbours who are struggling with the nightmare of war, and our special thanks go to Markiyan Malskyy, Jakub Krysa and the entire team involved in the aid projects.

As always, we look forward to the moment when our support for Ukraine is no longer needed and peace and security prevail in the country.

The full ranking results are available on the organiser’s website here.

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