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The Lawyer’s European Awards 2023 | We are shortlisted in 4 categories

More than 250 entries from 120 companies and law firms, and only 27 awards to give out. We are in the finals of this year’s largest and most important ranking in the European legal market.

And this year we are a strong nominee, competing in four categories: European Managing Partner Of The Year, Best Transformation Initiative, Best ESG Initiative and Law Firm Of The Year: Central Europe.

Piotr Kochański shortlisted in the ‘European Managing Partner Of The Year 2023’ category

Piotr is a lawyer who not only knows exactly what he wants, but above all is effective and consistent in implementing his vision and plans, skilfully engaging his team members and business partners with his innovative ideas and bold vision.

He is able to inspire people with a vision based on shared competence and responsibility, trust and profit, while constantly striving for excellence. In doing so, he is building a firm and a future for generations to come.

It is Piotr’s vision of business and life that has been noted and appreciated by The Lawyer judges, and he will now go head to head with the concepts implemented by Europe’s best managers and lawyers. We believe he will come out on top.

Read more about Piotr Kochański’s vision here.

Best Transformation Initiative

Nearly 25 years in the market has given us a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of the business and the ability to adapt to economic cycles, as well as an understanding of how the market works, how it is evolving, where it is going and what its future needs will be.

And because we are alert, because we are able to analyse, plan, react and draw conclusions, we are constantly keeping pace.

This is why we are constantly changing, expanding our areas of activity and competence, boldly embracing innovative technologies, involving the best people and building a strong network of trusted partners.

And iRaaport, which we have created, is today the most technologically advanced, yet comprehensive and innovative tool for professional law firm management, and at the same time a powerful source of our competitive advantage.

And this is why we have been shortlisted by The Lawyer in the ‘Best Transformation Initiative’ category.

Best ESG Initiative

For our work in support of Ukraine

We firmly believe that a responsible business should boldly go beyond the framework of simplistic profitability indicators, so when we talk about values, we mean first and foremost those that guide us in our daily lives.

Moreover, as neighbours and friends, we know that Ukraine today needs concrete guarantees of belonging to the Western world, which will give it real opportunities for development and strengthen its presence on the modern map of Europe. It wants and has the ambition to pursue the ideas of a modern, innovative state, strongly based on democracy, a civil society and shared European values, with a stable economy.

It therefore needs to formally become part of the wider Western world, following the path successfully taken by Poland after 2004.

Today, we are Ukraine’s major business partner, which is why Poland is at the heart of long-term planning for the country’s support and post-war reconstruction.

And we have been involved in this process since the beginning of the war. We provide humanitarian aid and support cultural and educational foundations. We are consistently implementing our (Re) Build (New) Ukraine international programme, to prepare Polish and Ukrainian businesses for the coming post-war challenges. We also represent Ukrainian businesses in litigation against the Russian Federation.

We have discussed at length how to accelerate and streamline these activities, planning, budgeting, developing strategies, analysing public procurement and offering logistical and financial legal support at various international levels and with extensive involvement of global partners. This voice is clearly being heard today, and the best evidence of this is our nomination in the ‘Best ESG initiative’ category.

Law Firm Of The Year: Central Europe

Making the world a better place is at the heart of our vision for the future.

The continuous progress and technological revolution we are witnessing presents us with further challenges that require attention and reflection, but also open up completely new perspectives.

Aware of these processes, we are constantly adapting to changing needs and leveraging their potential to effectively build a competitive advantage.

At the same time, we want to be a driver and promoter of positive change and a role model for others. Both in business and in the environment in which we live and whose resources we use.

So our main focus areas are: the energy revolution, technology, global infrastructure, ESG, cross-border finance and the data economy.

Hence our slogan: We work with those who change the world for the better. We find the rules.

Freedom of expression, media and democracy

We defend journalists in cases involving high-profile political and media events in Poland and Central Europe. We take an active part in defending those who, regardless of the consequences, have the courage to inform the world about irregularities and catch the corrupt red handed.

Concentration, consolidation, consistency

We are building the Firm for future generations on the solid foundation provided today by the results of our many years of organic work, with our twenty Equity Partners being either veteran lawyers who have been with us since the beginning of their careers or Partners who have joined us more recently. And we will continue to consolidate. Only with the best.

Read more about our strategic activities.

Global capital for Polish businesses

In the face of the crisis and economic slowdown, we are committed to protecting the capital and potential developed by Polish businesses. We actively seek investment opportunities and involve our clients in ventures that ensure not only growth, but also expansion into new markets or industries and investment in technology and know-how.

This is why we established REACH BFM (Restructure Effect Access Capital House Business Finance Management), to provide comprehensive advice on raising capital on the international financial markets, including via project finance, equity and share issues and PPP projects.

In this way, we combine the synergy potential of REACH BFM’s experienced team and international contacts with the strength of Kochański & Partners and the global reach of our business partners.

Will our vision win over the tough judges? We’ll find out at the final gala in November. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, check out the full list of nominees here.

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Piotr Kochański

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