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We effectively assist in life saving humanitarian missions to Ukraine

The entire civilised world is helping Ukraine in its fight against the aggressor. Because this is our common challenge – to withstand and repel further attacks, while systematically strengthening and building a new, stable and strong security system encompassing the whole of Europe. And to prevail for a common, prosperous and peaceful future. The regeneration of the country will partly depend upon modern and accessible healthcare.

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine

The day following the night shelling of Lutsk, which tragically killed three people, Markiyan Malskyy, Partner and Head of our Ukrainian Desk, together with the representatives of the Austrian Embassy in Ukraine and the Honorary Consulate of Austria in Lviv delivered medical equipment donated by the Magistrate of Vienna.

This included nearly 50 fully functional modern adjustable medical beds, a haemodialysis machine, intensive care monitors and instrument tables, a delivery chair and many other valuable medical devices worth over PLN 1,000,000 in total.

The equipment was delivered to healthcare facilities in the western part of the country, namely the Volyn Regional Hospital for Infectious Diseases, the Central Regional Hospital in Lutsk, the Lutsk City Clinical Hospital and the Kaunas Hospice.

Thanks to the perfectly coordinated work of the many people involved, the equipment was installed and operational the very next day after its arrival in Ukraine in all four facilities.

We work for those who change the world for the better

This is just one of the many humanitarian and pro bono projects for Ukraine and Ukrainians that our Ukrainian Desk is involved in.

Because changing the world for the better is not only the most important part of our vision, but above all a commitment to concrete and active action.

Poland is not only a partner, neighbour and ally of Ukraine, but above all a friend that has been helping its people since the first days of the war.

This is why we believe this should be a focal point of strategic planning. And this includes both ongoing support for Ukraine and its post-war reconstruction.

“Ukraine and Ukrainians are very grateful to all those who supported us in the early days of the war and continue to do so. Without the help of Poland, Austria, the UK, the U.S. and many other European countries, we would have faced even more tragic circumstances. What the friends of Ukraine have done and are further doing is simply astounding and touching. Opening your doors to strangers fleeing the ugly face of war is wonderful and proves that we are a civilised, empathetic and caring society, capable of sharing our well-being with others in need” – says Markiyan Malskyy.

As a law firm, we have been involved in the process of post-war reconstruction from the very beginning, and as such we have been an active initiator, facilitator and partner of the debate on courses of action, key problems and possible solutions.

We support Polish-Ukrainian business initiatives, coordinate international cooperation, monitor immediate needs and link potentials. We keep our hand on the pulse, with our Ukrainian Desk having already successfully implemented more than 20 business projects related to Ukraine.

“Kochański & Partners threw open its doors to Ukraine and Ukrainians from the very beginning. Many of them have stayed with the firm and now support the development of Ukrainian business and are involved in international Ukraine-related projects. During these 550 days of war, many Ukrainian entrepreneurs have moved their activities abroad, and we are happy to be one of the most active law firms on the market serving the interests of Ukrainian business in Poland and carrying out specific projects for the reconstruction of our country. Thanks to the hard work of all our colleagues and constant contacts with Ukrainian and international authorities, we are fully aware of all the current needs of Ukraine and can respond to them quickly. As a result, we are able to implement even the most complex ideas and projects” – says the Head of our Ukrainian Desk.

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Markiyan Malskyy, PhD hab

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