(Re) Build (New) Ukraine & Reindustrialisation of Poland – Opportunities for Spanish Companies

Date: 16 November

Time: 9:30-11:30

Place: Kochański & Partners Warsaw Office



PART I | 9:30-10:30

Ukraine | Current state, reconstruction prospects and investment opportunities

The reconstruction of Ukraine – one of the greatest financial challenges for Europe – is a significant opportunity for cooperation between Polish, Ukrainian and Spanish businesses.

Ukraine is close to the European industrial centre, has easy access to sea communication routes (on resolution of the war), and straightforward and direct trade routes with large European economies. The World Bank currently estimates the cost of reconstruction at $411 billion, a figure growing every month.

  • Status quo of the war: where are we heading to?
  • How has business adapted to the war
  • The scale of destruction in Ukraine: the basis for future reconstruction
  • Where will the best business opportunities be in the reconstruction of Ukraine?
  • How will the reconstruction of Ukraine be financed?
  • Legal and financial aspects of operating in Ukraine
  • Main mistakes and pitfalls in planning and performing your activities in Ukraine. Considerations of partnering with a local supplier
  • Public procurement and international tenders for reconstruction of Ukraine
  • Being closer: Poland as main hub of recovery of Ukraine, entering the Polish market in order to combine Polish business activity with the reconstruction

PART II | 10:30:11:00

Poland | Investment opportunities

Today more than ever, the involvement of Spanish companies is indispensable for the effective implementation of numerous infrastructure and energy projects arising in Poland. At the same time, it is clear that Spanish companies stand to significantly benefit from their involvement.

  • Key market drivers
  • Funding sources
  • Current and upcoming projects

PART III | 11:00-11:30



Markiyan Malskyy PhD, Partner, Kochański & Partners

Jakub Krysa PhD, Partner, Kochański & Partners

(Re) Build (New) Ukraine & Reindustrialisation of Poland – Opportunities for Spanish Companies

16 November


Kochański & Partners Warsaw Office

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