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We effectively assist in life saving humanitarian missions to Ukraine

Pomagamy Ukranie En

The entire civilised world is helping Ukraine in its fight against the aggressor. Because this is our common challenge – to withstand and repel further attacks, while systematically strengthening and building a new, stable and strong security system encompassing the whole of Europe.

(Re)building (new) Ukraine

Jakub Krysa Puls Biznesu Ukraina Eng

In today’s edition of Puls Biznesu Jakub Krysa explains how the process of rebuilding Ukraine is going and to what extent Polish companies are involved.


Unity For Ukraine

We have been talking about the necessity of post-war reconstruction in Ukraine from the very beginning. And always concretely.

Over EUR 600 billion today – and the value of war loss in Ukraine is rising

Kochanski Malskyy Ukraine

According to analysts and economic experts, Ukraine could eventually suffer losses of up to EUR 1.3 trillion in 2014-2026. Assuming a favourable scenario under which the Russian Federation would pay war reparations, it will still not have sufficient financial capacity to cover even a greater part of this amount. Therefore, the priority for Ukraine should be strategic economic cooperation with European Union Member States.

We are a member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, with Dr Markiyan Malskyy chairing the IT Committee

Kochanski Polsko Ukrainska Izba Gospodarcza Markiyan Malskyy Eng

The IT Committee is a new initiative of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, and is chaired by Markiyan Malskyy – Head of our Ukrainian Desk. Markiyan has voiced his intent to make the Chamber a platform for cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian IT companies and associations, and in line with this we can expect a variety of meetings and industry events for members.

Rebuilding Ukraine | What to do today and after the war is over

Kochanski Markiyan Malskyy Ukralina Eng

For a new Ukraine, the reconstruction of housing and infrastructure are believed to be the main areas of development. 44.8 million sq.m. of residential property, 300 bridges and over 40 railway bridges are already lost or destroyed. 779 medical facilities and 1371 institutions of secondary and higher education, 690 kindergartens are destroyed or under occupation.

Rebuilding Ukraine in practice – financing sources and investment perspectives

Www En

Nearly 24,000 kilometres of roads, end to end measuring ca. 60% of the Earth’s equator in length, hundreds of bridges, thousands of buildings and tens of thousands of cars – this is only a partial account of the destruction inflicted so far on Ukraine by Russian forces. But although the war in Ukraine has not stopped since 24 February 2022, the prospect of a post-war reality cannot be ignored, and so ways of rebuilding the country should be considered.

Hybrid event | Doing business in Poland for Ukrainian firms

Doing Business In Poland

During our event we will discuss how Ukrainian business can enter the Polish market, and make the most of the welcoming business environment and diversify into new markets. There are plenty of options in Poland, which are readily suited to Ukrainian businesses.

Liability of the Russian Federation for its aggression in Ukraine and the potential consequences of the war for Polish business

Marek Jezewski Magdalena Papiernik Konig Forbes Eng

The Russian aggression in Ukraine has many people enquiring about the possibility of holding the Russian Federation accountable for the acts it has committed in the territory of Poland’s eastern neighbour. Yet, at this stage, what should be considered is not only the actual accountability, but also the ontological fact of the existence of liability, which is an inherent condition for the existence of law.

Markiyan Malskyy – New Partner and Head of Ukrainian Desk

Markiyan Malskyy Nowy Partner Kochanski Kancelaria Eng

Russia is waging a barbaric war in Ukraine. We are in admiration of the courage of the authorities and the Ukrainian soldiers, and watch with attention and respect the efforts that have already begun to rebuild the country and the cities and businesses that have been destroyed. As a sign of our new strategy and solidarity with Ukraine, we have decided to establish a Ukrainian Practice (Ukrainian Desk).

Q&A | public procurement – support for Ukraine and Ukrainians

Q&A Wsparcie Dla Ukrainy Eng

Can Contracting Authorities subject to the Act of 11 September 2019 – Public Procurement Law (“PPL”) award contracts for the purpose of assisting Ukrainian nationals without the application of this act? What categories of Contracting Authorities and which contracts related to assistance for Ukrainian citizens are exempted from the PPL under the Special Law? Do Contracting Authorities need to comply with any additional formalities in connection with the award of public contracts exempted from the application of the PPL on the basis of the Special Law? Alert authored by Jakub Krysa.