We are part of a global community and this is how we see our role in addressing ESG issues

We keep a close eye on the world around us. We want to be a driver and facilitator of positive change.

This is why we are constantly looking for the best solutions in a variety of ways.

For our firm, our people and our community – as an employer and an organisation that wants to create space for people and ideas to flourish; for our clients and business partners – as a partner and advisor looking to be a role model for its industry and for the environment in which we live and whose resources we use.

For us, ESG is not an empty phrase, but a powerful foundation on which to build both our business vision and our practical, professional day-to-day work.

See what is important for us 

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Human rights / Women’s rights

We have created a space free from unlawful inequality, prejudice and harassment based on race, religion, gender, age, disability or any other legally protected status.

In the workplace and in our day-to-day business activities, we are vigilant in ensuring that every employee or associate works in an environment that promotes equal employment opportunities, respects differences, is free from prejudice and defends human dignity, and where there is no place for any form of bullying or discrimination. We say a firm NO to any form of violence, harassment or bullying.

We believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and the foundation of democratic societies around the world. It includes the freedom to express one’s thoughts, opinions, views and beliefs without being subject to censorship or repression.

It is no secret that our most important values, guaranteed by the Constitution, have since 2015 been in crisis in Poland. We are well aware, and we become more convinced every day, that a free media is the last bastion of freedom of expression.

This is why we stand firmly in defence of those who have the courage to seek the truth and reveal uncomfortable facts to the world. Journalists, media workers and publishers who are harassed by disgruntled rulers and their anti-democratic agenda. We defend them against baseless lawsuits and charges designed to stifle debate and public criticism.

We have also developed standards that allow those engaged in public life to pursue their mission without being constrained by litigation tricks.

That’s because we firmly believe in and respect everyone’s right to express their views freely – in public, in their professional and private lives, on the internet and in the media. Everyone has the right to express their thoughts freely, to declare their affiliation with groups or religious associations, and to demand to be heard and to have their opinions respected, without fear of reprisal.

Freedom of expression allows us to question the actions of any authority and is fundamental to the manifestation of political dissent, diverse cultural expression, creativity and innovation, and the development of personality through self-expression.

It enables dialogue, promotes understanding and increases public knowledge. The ability to freely exchange views and information broadens our minds, which in turn benefits individual communities and society as a whole.

We also believe in the sacred principle of democracy, that a person’s freedom ends where another man’s freedom begins.

That is why we always and unconditionally respond to injustice and violations of human rights. And we oppose war that leads to hunger, poverty and exile.

We express our solidarity with the struggling Ukraine, which today is defending its freedom and independence, but also resisting those who threaten democracy and seek to destroy our common European values.

We actively contribute to humanitarian aid and all other initiatives that will give Ukraine the chance to become a full member of the Western world, with real opportunities to develop and consolidate its presence on today’s map of democratic Europe.

Gender equality and women’s rights

Ensuring freedom of expression is a prerequisite for achieving gender equality, and the two are inextricably linked.

We strongly believe that gender equality is one of the core values that underpin the pursuit of justice, fairness and respect for human rights. The empowerment of women makes it possible to build a peaceful and open community where everyone has equal rights. And this, in turn, enables the unleashing and realisation of the full potential of all members of that community, contributing to a better quality of life in all its aspects, increased productivity and innovation, and sustainable development.

Labour Rights / Decent Work – Working at Kochański & Partners and our approach to management

The success of our firm is driven by ambitious, talented and passionate people.

That is why we aim to attract, develop, promote and retain talent and enable them to participate in the common project that is Kochański & Partners’ business success.

How we do this is equally important. That is why we base our work on our values, which are:

  • Mutual respect and empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Non-discrimination

The way we define our values and goals is extremely important to us. We create a mutually respectful working environment where everyone can develop and achieve their goals.

We demand mutual respect from employees and associates in all positions and do not accept any form of discrimination.

Our efforts to create a good and decent place to work:

  • Integration initiatives

Joint celebration of holidays and events important to the firm and its staff, sporting, cultural and charitable initiatives

  • Building a culture of high quality communication

Internal communication with a focus on providing timely and open information to employees and associates and on receiving feedback

  • Training, mentoring and professional development

A programme to support managers and young talent to develop the potential of teams; internal promotions and a clear career path; training on cyber security and digital hygiene

Cyber resilience at Kochański & Partners

Knowing how easy it is to fall into the trap of optimism, overestimating both our own knowledge and luck against cyber criminals, we are fully aware that cyber security must be strategically implemented.

It must be built up in step manner, with continuous improvement in the quality of all the processes in place.

This is why we run an annual mandatory training programme called ‘Cyber Security in Earnest’, consisting of a series of eight meetings with security and technology experts and concluding with a knowledge test on how to avoid digital threats. In this way, we aim to build and strengthen the digital resilience of the entire organisation.

In addition to these activities, our employees and associates receive weekly email tips and advice on how to use technology safely as part of our ‘Cyber Security in Earnest’ series. We also help when staff need support and advice on home IT issues: configuring Wi-Fi networks, firewalls and anti-virus software, encrypting data, protecting against malware, and keeping passwords safe.

Because cyber security and digital hygiene issues are one of our top priorities.

Kochański & Partners Master Academy

This is a comprehensive project designed to help young law students mature in their career choices, develop business awareness and improve their leadership and teamwork skills.

It consists of a programme of paid internships, meetings with partners, training courses and webinars, and international scholarships for the youngest lawyers.


We consider climate change to be the most pressing issue today. This is why we have adopted and are implementing a Sustainable Business Policy (ESG).

This is our commitment: to base all the firm’s strategic activities on the principles of responsible and sustainable development.

In addition to our values, we also have specific tasks to implement related to the reduction of negative environmental impacts. In 2023-2026, these include:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reducing power and water consumption
  • Reducing waste generation and recycling of waste
  • Implementing circular economy principles

Our proactive approach to environmental issues is underpinned by state-of-the-art technology, namely iRaaport, our proprietary law firm management IT system, which is an innovative tool that allows our clients to monitor the level of achievement of their business objectives on an ongoing basis.

iRaaport modules have also facilitated our transition to becoming a paperless organisation, and we have reduced our paper consumption by more than 50%. The system enables electronic document circulation and electronic signatures, and with our internal security systems and qualified signature certificates iRaaport is recognised by all the independent institutions that work with us.

At the same time, we have significantly reduced our printing costs by around 70-80%. This allows us to make and meet specific ESG commitments and report on real achievements.

LovEnPeas Arabians Training and Education Stables

Concern for the environment is part of the DNA of our organisation, which was founded by Piotr Kochański, a lawyer and manager, but also a horse trainer and breeder, and the owner of LovEnPeas Arabians Training and Education Stables.

This is a unique spot on the ‘equestrian map’ of Poland, born out of a dream of a place where horses will be given tender care and love, where they can grow and develop their potential. This is why Piotr has planted almost 1,800 trees and more than 400 oak saplings here, from which a new forest grows day by day, year by year. And everything around it matures in harmony with nature.

This idea, encoded in the name, which combines passionate feelings with fragrant green peas, led to the creation of a stud, riding centre and agrotourism farm, where happy purebred Arabian, thoroughbred English and Anglo-Arabian horses are bred and cared for.

Today, after the decline of the state studs in Janów Podlaski and Michałów, the protection and survival of these horses is a top priority for Polish breeders and a point of honour for those who strive to preserve the best traditions of Arabian horse breeding in Poland.

That is why at STS LovEnPeas Arabians, in the buffer zone of the Kampinos Forest and close to nature, our beautiful horses grow and mature. And when they are ready, they start training and win the highest honours and medals.

Kochański & Partners against corruption and fraud

Corruption lies at the root of the most serious problems and crises in all areas of our lives – social, moral, economic and political.

It destroys good governance, stifles development, kills innovation and distorts competition. It restricts justice, undermines human rights and is an obstacle to the elimination of poverty. It also increases the cost of doing business, introduces uncertainty into commercial transactions, raises the cost of goods and services, compromises the quality of products and services, which can lead to loss of life and property, undermines trust in institutions and disrupts the integrity and smooth functioning of the market.

The effects of corruption affect each and every one of us.

We condemn corruption in the strongest possible terms and have zero tolerance for all forms of fraud. We demand the same approach and standards from our employees and associates, as well as from our counterparties. We have therefore established relevant internal policies and procedures and monitor their implementation on an ongoing basis.

Who we work with

As a service provider, we strive to be a role model and an example to those around us; as a service recipient, we work only with those who base their business on values we hold dear and who operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We apply and promote the principles of fair competition and equal treatment of suppliers, and support efficient, safe and fairly paid work.

We select only those who strictly adhere to good ethical, human rights and environmental practices and meet the highest health and safety standards.

Changing the world for the better is central to our vision for the future. Hence our motto: 

We Work For Those Who Change The World For The Better.