The ESG Committee at Kochański & Partners

We have set the bar high by declaring that changing the world for the better is central to our vision for the future. We keep a close eye on the world around us and aim to be a driver and promoter of positive change. We are constantly looking for the best solutions in a variety of ways.

And for this reason, we are establishing a Sustainable Business (ESG) Committee, which will be responsible for setting and implementing key sustainability and ESG policies and creating an environment in which ESG becomes a material, permanent and consistently implemented part of the entire organisation, in line with our identity.

Objectives and key responsibilities of the ESG Committee

The Committee will play an advisory and consultative role to the Management Board, oversee our ESG activities and provide a platform for internal dialogue on sustainability.

Its responsibilities will include:

  • Overseeing the implementation of strategic ESG objectives and key ESG activities
  • Participating in the development and implementation of the ESG strategy
  • Approving and reviewing ESG policies and commitments and their implementation across the Firm’s business units and departments
  • Controlling and monitoring the performance of implemented ESG policies and commitments
  • Encouraging discussion and exchange of ideas on ESG issues
  • Strengthening employee and associate engagement
  • Developing a programme of training and social initiatives and overseeing their implementation
  • Shaping the Firm’s organisational culture in line with its principles and ESG Policy

ESG Committee: a new quality in sustainable business practices

The ESG Committee is made up of people with the knowledge, experience, skills and character to ensure that all environmental, social, labour and, ultimately, economic and business issues that are material to our Firm are identified and properly addressed.

They range from lawyers to specialists in human resources, communications, IT and cyber security, administration and facilities management.

In keeping with our mission to change the world for the better, we have created positions within the Firm that are new to our organisation. Moreover, they are not standard in other Polish law firms, which is why we are proud to call ourselves pioneers in setting a new quality in sustainable business.

These are: Chief Sustainability Officer, Chief Human Rights Officer, Labour Relations Executive, and Anti-Bribery and Corruption Officer.

The ESG Committee comprises:

  • Chief Sustainability Officer – Joanna Barbrich
  • Labour Relations Executive – Anna Gwiazda
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Officer – Mateusz Ostrowski
  • People & Culture Executive / HR Director – Daria Matyja
  • Head of Energy and Natural Resources – Wojciech Wrochna
  • Chief Operations Officer – Marcin Dyński
  • Chief Technology Officer – Michał Walczak
  • Chairperson – Diana Tavera

Chief Sustainability Officer

As Chief Sustainability Officer, Joanna Barbrich’s responsibilities will include co-creating the ESG strategy, overseeing the implementation of sustainability and responsible business goals and strategies, building a workplace culture based on diversity and inclusion, promoting sustainable business practices and fostering pro-environmental and pro-social ideas in our business.

Labour Relations Executive

Anna Gwiazda will focus on creating a welcoming workplace, free from all forms of prejudice and harassment on the grounds of race, religion, gender, age or disability, where the principles of equal opportunity employment and equal treatment are applied.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Officer

Mateusz Ostrowski’s responsibilities will include contributing to the development of systemic solutions to detect and effectively prevent corrupt and fraudulent activities, and to minimise the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. He will also oversee the implementation of obligations imposed on employees and associates under our policies and procedures.

Human rights, a special concern of Kochański & Partners

Due to her unique experience in monitoring and investigating human rights violations and her involvement in the international arena, the position of Chief Human Rights Officer is held by Parasto Yari.

Parasto’s particular area of interest and activity is to create widespread awareness of the right to freedom of expression, opinion and self-determination.

Parasto’s activities on the ESG Committee also focus on gender equality and women’s rights. She is also an effective supporter of refugees and others in need.

Interdisciplinary ESG Working Group

A working group will also be attached to the Committee to develop lines of action in the area of sustainability and ESG, and shall be responsible for managing and driving projects and ensuring that they are in line with our operational objectives. It will coordinate with our other departments and report on progress.

ESG and sustainability is an ongoing commitment

Doing business in a way that respects the environment, addresses the challenges of climate change, celebrates diversity and applies the highest standards of governance is an ongoing process and a commitment to continually raise the bar.

Let’s do it together!

Contact us:

Joanna Barbrich

Joanna Barbrich

Associate / Chief Sustainability Officer

+48 728 432 408