VC & Start-ups

Practices / Banking & Finance

We support venture capital funds and early-stage companies in obtaining both debt and equity financing, providing comprehensive advice in the investment process. We advise start-ups and investors in the process of raising capital, assist in the sourcing of finance, participate in negotiations, and prepare documentation necessary for the investment process, including investment agreements and shareholder agreements. We provide support in structuring the process and provide ongoing legal advice also at later stages of financing.

We advise in the proper assessment of investments made, from a legal perspective and via a comprehensive risk identification, showing potential legal consequences and alternative business solutions. We prepare full due diligence and red flag reports.

We also offer legal and tax support in the creation of ESOP incentive schemes in joint stock companies and limited liability companies. We offer a flexible model of documentation for vesting and reverse vesting mechanisms, and assist in the optimal structuring of such schemes from a corporate perspective.