Restructuring and insolvency

Practices / Banking & Finance

We prepare analyses of available action scenarios and debt restructuring options, including benefits and risks. We help to develop an action strategy minimizing risks associated with the liability of company management. We represent clients in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

We provide support to both creditors and debtors at every stage of the restructuring process, including renegotiating terms and conditions and arranging a refinancing process. We advise at all stages of pre-court restructuring, from designing an optimal structure for such restructuring to its execution. We participate in negotiations of standstill and restructuring agreements.

We also support our clients in in-court restructuring processes. We offer assistance in selecting and implementing the optimal procedure, from arrangement proceedings to remedial proceedings. We assist in obtaining bridge financing and provide support in using optimal refinancing, restructuring and debt consolidation opportunities, and represent clients in related proceedings, including in bodies such as creditors’ committee.

We create legal strategies to be used in cases of bankruptcy, prepare bankruptcy petitions, assess the effectiveness of security and determine the legal consequences of existing legal relations in case of bankruptcy, advising management on the legal aspects of a possible state of insolvency.