Financial regulations, compliance and AML

Practices / Banking & Finance

We support all financial sector companies, banks and capital market players in verifying compliance of their business activities and internal regulations with the law and guidelines of supervisory authorities.

We assist clients in analysing and ensuring compliance with regulations such as MiFID, CRD/CRR, PSD 2, AMLD, MAR, GDPR and other financial sector regulations. We provide support in complying with the recommendations of domestic and foreign regulators such as the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), ESMA and EBA. We verify compliance with applicable national and EU regulations for brokerage houses, investment funds, payment institutions, lease companies, public companies or investment firms.

We represent our clients in proceedings before supervisory authorities such as the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) and the General Inspector for Financial Information (GIIF).

We prepare, review and implement internal documentation, verifying for compliance with applicable laws and supervisory authorities’ recommendations. We also offer training in national and EU regulations.

We have extensive experience in advising on technological regulations and providing assistance in the implementation of the latest business products and solutions for the financial sector. We review and develop legal strategies related to new financial services and digital platforms.

We have considerable experience in providing legal services to entities obliged under laws to combat money laundering and terrorist financing (AML), advising on the compliance of business activities and documents with AML regulations. We develop and implement AML procedures for obliged entities, and prepare risk assessment projects, providing support in audit procedures and implementation of audit recommendations, and provide training on AML in addition to comprehensive advice on the day-to-day operations of obliged entities.