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The Right Focus | Summarising 2022 and looking forward to what the coming months will bring is the theme of the January edition of our newsletter.

Changes to the Labour Code and the Commercial Companies Code will certainly be of interest to entrepreneurs, who should also follow with equal attention information on the new ESG reporting regulations. And this is in addition to preparations the European Union, among others, is making in the area of cyber security and new technologies.

For although these deadlines still seem a long way off, it is worth, even at this early stage, analysing how they may affect your business operations.

We will undoubtedly enter the new year under the sign of valorisation in the construction industry. There are also major changes in civil procedure.

But will they be changes for the better?  It is worth forming your own opinion on the matter.

The end of the year will certainly be noted by the owner of luxury brand Hermes, who has been fighting trademark infringement in the Metaverse for some time. Will we see an increasing number of such cases in 2023?

Read about all the above in the latest edition of #TheRightFocus.

An Overview of 2022 Tech Regulations

Before embarking on any New Year's resolutions, it is worth starting with a moment of reflection on the year gone by. In the EU, 2022 brought a number of new regulations in the new technology market, so let’s take a closer look at them. The following is our selection of the most important developments and legislative initiatives to emerge in 2022, which will significantly influence further international and national IP/IT regulations.

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New Year – the Year of Indexation

The downtime and supply constraints associated with the pandemic, followed by similar disruptions brought about by the war in Ukraine, with material price increases that have been building up for years, crowned by rampant inflation have all had a disastrous effect on the sector.

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Changes to commercial companies law at the turn of the year

In 2022, the Commercial Companies Code has undergone significant changes, including the introduction of the so-called holding law laying down the principles of operation of groups of companies, which we wrote about in the ‘Controversial Amendment to the CCC’ article.

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