Real Estate Restitution

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Despite the lapse of over 20 years since the political transformation, Poland still does not have any restitution law. However, many former owners have not wanted to wait for its adoption and in order to fight for the return of their property or for payment of reasonable compensation, decided to commence costly and long lasting legal and administrative proceedings.

We provide the following services:

  • Advice on the identification and verification of claims of former owners within the planning and preparation of investment processes
  • Due diligence within the scope of assessment of legitimacy of claims regarding real estate recovery and restitution claims
  • Legal assistance in matters relating to the Warsaw Decree and the Decree on Agricultural Reform
  • Legal services in administrative and court proceedings regarding real estate recovery, restitution claims and compensation for use of a third party’s property without a contractual basis
  • Comprehensive advice on the regulation of the legal status of real estate subject to restitution claims
  • Advice on nationalized property returns and expropriated real estate returns
  • Handling proceedings regarding lost Jewish property and property left beyond the Bug River
  • Advice on the proceedings regarding land expropriated by the state or local authorities for road investments