Construction Law

Sectors / Real Estate

Kochanski & Partners provides legal advice to its clients at every stage of the investment process including inter alia in environmental, planning and construction issues. Depending on the needs of the Client, we represent them in administrative as well as in judicial and administrative proceedings, or can conduct compliance tests of completed investment processes in terms of applicable regulations. We provide legal assistance in the event of construction accidents or environmental damage.

We provide the following services:

  • Assistance in applying for the required administrative decisions necessary for a construction project’s performance
  • Defending the interests of real estate owners in the course of development and adoption of Local Zoning Plan
  • Assessment of administrative decisions in terms of their legality, together with recommendations on legal protection against unfavorable decisions
  • Representation of investors in pursuing claims against entities that block investments in an unauthorized manner
  • Negotiation of construction contracts
  • Representation of clients before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, including in disputes between the participants to construction proceedings