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Kochanski & Partners understands how important the real estate sector is for most entrepreneurs, and thus Kochanski & Partners offers comprehensive legal services in all matters relating to the possession of legal title to real estate.

Our team is a group of highly educated and experienced lawyers who support entities involved in the daily service and management of real estate- commercial and office space managers, holders of titles of ownership and usufruct, developers and housing associations.

We provide the following services:

  • We assist clients from the real estate development sector at all stages of the investment process, including inter alia drawing up developer agreements, representation in negotiations with fund providers and assistance in the sale of premises
  • We represent clients before the courts including in neighborhood disputes, in eviction cases, cases for the use of land without a contractual basis and in land and mortgage proceedings
  • We represent clients before administrative bodies inter alia in matters relating to Local Zoning Plan, in tender proceedings or in cases concerning the transformation of the perpetual usufruct into an ownership title
  • We advise on all matters related to local taxes, betterment levies, perpetual usufruct payments, including representation in administrative and court proceedings