Renewable Energy

The ongoing process of diversification of sources of  energy generation leads to the development of the market of energy generation from renewable source technologies  such as wind farms, solar and photovoltaic panels installations, installations powered by biomass and hydro power plants. We support entrepreneurs at every stage of conducting a business linked to the generation, transmission and trading of energy generated from renewable sources.

Conducting investments:

  • Development of documentation and conducting tender procedure (depending on the nature of the project)
  • Obtaining regulatory approvals, decisions and agreements and conducting relevant proceedings, including in procedures of administrative, energy and construction law
  • Representation in administrative proceedings, including before the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and courts of all instances
  • Consulting in conducting concession proceedings
  • Advising on all environmental issues, including on obtaining a decision on the permission for the management, recovery and transport of waste
  • Analysis of real estate issues
  • Preparing and reviewing contracts on the order, among others, of monitoring performance (including ornithological, chiropterological)and legal analysis of the accuracy of reports
  • Conducting proceedings and negotiations with Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and the Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
  • Legal assistance in financing projects, including preparation of investment agreements, loan agreements and conducting proceedings related to the establishment of securities
  • Tax optimization of investment projects

Other services:

  • Support in M & A transactions in conducting due diligence of energy companies
  • Development of compliance programs
  • Advising on regulatory and competition law
  • Advising on issues of trading, transmission and distribution of fuels and energy
  • Consulting on environmental issues, including the Natura 2000 program, environmental damage, waste management and waste utilization
  • Legal support in proceedings of public procurement and public-private partnership (PPP projects)